How to please a guy, flirting with a guy, what if the guy is older

If the guy you like – no pressure to make far-reaching conclusions, just interesting to imagine flirting, whirlwind romance, passionate love, perhaps even a wedding. These goals are far, it is unclear how to achieve them, plus you have to consider that not everyone is ready immediately so seriously you. For starters, recommends zhurnal razvitie to please the guy, it is better to be a friend to him. Is a convenient starting point for any development.

Sometimes the girl may fear that the guy she liked . starting to accept it as a friend, will lose interest in it as a girl. Actually not so. Stay

feminine, don’t try to wear the image of a “Tomboy” — believe me, male friends any normal guy goes to the girl, and by my male friends. This is the nature of guys. Don’t be shy flirt slightly, sometimes to show weakness. The topics of conversation do not try to adjust, speak not only about his interests, ask him to assess a new dress, talk about colors, about cosmetics. In order to like, not have a smoky voice, beer, conversations about football and the super short haircuts. Be a girl.

Note: if he is willing to make friends with a girl, he is always ready and to something bigger. Exception, at least among people with normal orientation, very very small (typically, this happens between creative people). So make friends with a guy is a very serious step.

Flirting with a guy

By itself, the flirting is a kind of manipulation. The gift of flirting is not as common as it seems – although it is said that the girls are given by nature. Believe me, very few, to whom it is given. So you need to practice.

We must remember that to practice flirting to choose a guy who really liked – not the best idea. Don’t think that a gift of nature will turn on you at the right time: this is a misconception. Therefore, to practice flirting. At all. For those who are a bit like. For those who do not love it. For those who do not like it (useful art, by the way!) On the older guys and the guys considerably younger, and let the last is very easy. In General always flirt, flirt everywhere. While this demeanor will not become a habit.

More communication with the male on different occasions (including and chat with a guy on the Internet ). Show genuine interest in their Hobbies, work, feelings. Try to spend a week practice of communication – for example, to say Hello to random guys, to tie up the conversation, to transform it from a formal “how to get to the library in exchange confidence. You can practice in the invention of compliments. Real action is a good idea to combine with the idea of how you do it – then be compared to what happened in practice.

Of course, you need to know the norm. Flirt with men in a night club, or meeting and talking with a guy on the Internet is one thing, but in a dark alley or Park is another.

To please the older guy

It is standard that the guy should be older girls. Naturally, quite often the girls there is a conscious desire to meet an older guy (if older man, younger woman or a woman older than the man ) and to please him, such is the psychology of girls in relationships. But for obvious reasons is more difficult than communication with a classmate. For such communication must at least enter his circle to hang out nearby, ideally alone. But how? Here is the place for imagination.

It would be good to go to do sports where he can at the same time to show their attractive side. When meeting with him to ask something, ask a question: about what? it can be found by examining his profile on the social network. There can be found common acquaintances, if they are not in life, and get to know his Hobbies. In reality, opportunities to please the guy . to establish contact, being close, a lot of spilled on it, supposedly accidentally, compote to requests to photograph.

The city is a frequent topic on the Internet, where you can find a couple of ideas, if nothing realistic comes to mind. However, to read too, you can apply your own imagination.

Another question, how old is this guy? Let’s say you’re 14-16 years old. He’s older, at two or three – it’s quite normal, there is a chance that everything will turn out. If he is older than seven or eight years, the happy outcome is extremely unlikely. You can, of course, to communicate, but he will not be taking you seriously. Hope not much, unless you are willing to wait till you turn 18-19 – but let’s hope that to such an extreme doesn’t come (signs of a perfect relationship according to psychologists ).

Like the guy? Slow down

Would the man immediately let into your life woman, if it’s not about one-time adventure? As a rule, no.

The younger favourite guy, the less he’s ready for something serious. Not being able to contact with the opposite sex, he’s not ready to admit it and often stretching the truth about their victories. Of course, any normal guy want rapprochement with the girl – this also applies to confidential communication, and physical side – from hugging and kissing to sex. But too sharp convergence can frighten it, put in a situation where he feels insecure – that is, “and I want two minds. Or the guy phlegmatic. and he just doesn’t want to rush the relationship.

Therefore, to speed up the convergence is not worth it. Even better if you admit your favourite guy . what, for example, poorly know how to kiss (even if it’s not!) Then the guy will not be so uncomfortable with you, and he will cease to feel fear of the manifestations of bodily contact.

In case, if the young man is really a great experience (not only in his words, of course!), hurry convergence’t: think about the future. Think of all the girls that were he to you – none of them were able to hold it. Will there be different with you? Likely to expect any serious feelings is not worth it, and your rich inner world he is indifferent.

Love in 15 years

Don’t be afraid of the restraint of the guy on the words. The perfect relationship at this age is not worth the wait. It is normal for growing men. On the contrary, words of love in fifteen years may be grounds for mistrust: either the guy behaves, as do the characters, or he’s just lying: these words are not easy, if it’s true.

We already talked about the fact that all of us in adolescence is extremely confident, dominated by low self-esteem. and, therefore, very badly perceived any opinion about yourself. To be offended or hurt very easily, especially if you hear something offensive from the one you love – even if that person doesn’t see to be offended. Don’t be shy to ask for forgiveness. Trust me, save understanding is more important than to insist on.

In fifteen or twenty years, girls are often unable to see the steps in their direction, not to mention to make a return. Yes, you think you see it all, but please, don’t flatter yourself.

If any guy asks you a question try to answer him in monosyllables, and deployed, making it clear that you are pleasant the fact of the conversation. Answering his question, ask counter. Ask him what he thinks, how he’s doing in General. If it continues the thread of some of your last conversation, you can mention his good memory and say that you love it.

If he invites you to dance – tell me that you love it. During the dance stick forward, slightly Nestle – respecting the limits of decency, give to understand that you like to be close to him. This will increase the chances of repeated invitations several times.

Cool girl and Vice versa

Such complex notions as pride and coldness, can be interpreted in different ways. If it means “not to chase after the guy,” not to throw his letters and SMS, don’t pull out on dates against his wishes, it is not only right, but reasonable (unless you’re planning to ostochertet him completely!)

This can be interpreted as deterrence reasons, the avoidance of superfluous initiatives, when you let him determine the pace of your approach, the scenario of development of relations, and the desire intelligently to your feelings. This is also a healthy interpretation.

In other senses is misleading. Indifference and coldness do not attract men, but on the contrary, repel. Who like to meet a cold girl, not smiling, not able to go forward, buttoned up and bristling like a porcupine? In General, not to be Intrusive – does not mean being cold and unapproachable.

The ability to please guys

The ability to please the guys is a gift, not built for specific techniques, actions or manners. This gift must be in you. He should not be imprisoned under any specific guy, and for specific you. More workouts. More attempts to diversify its advantages. Not worth reading tips on attracting attention for ten minutes before going on a date is too late.

Train a skill for a skill – and you will arouse the sympathy of the strong half of mankind in larger numbers than expected. Learn to engage in a verbal dance with a partner – and it will cause the opposite response. Keep the initiative, let him know that he is moving in the right direction. Learn to pay compliments – it’s nice. Learn to listen is even nicer. Learn the psychology of men – of course, there is training cats not pass, you need to really communicate with guys and with myself, visualising and playing in my head the situation. A couple of months of psychological practice and you will have a lot to work out. Because girls can really understand — units. In the absence of competition men will be attracted to you.


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