Don’t stand girls aside


In large cities only the strongest survive – clever girls who know 1 000 and 1 way to get acquainted with the man, and then the desire to turn it into a friend, a lover, a husband, a longshoreman, computer wizard or at least taxi to the airport. What a miracle they do it and learn how to turn a casual meeting in the city in a pleasant long-lasting alliances with subsequent noisy wedding. First, in order to attract good luck to

your side, learn how to smile. Seem, nothing complicated, but actually for the eternally busy adversities of existence of the Russian mind to issue a sincere smile, without sarcasm and bombast, is a big problem. Secondly, learn to open up to new acquaintances. Do not play the Princess and not present in the first second of his companion as Shrek is clouded by stereotypes of the brain would not help anyone to build a personal life.

Where to practice new skills, we will tell you. In our review you will find 8 places for Dating in Moscow.

At work: “on Monday I cucumber…”

Suppose that on your own workplace you all already know, but it is possible that some beginners still disappeared from your watchful eye. In this case urgently invent any charitable activity and start collecting money to save a family of moose in Sokolniki Park or for construction of a shelter for hamsters in the suburbs. That of their male counterparts who have a heart to respond, but at the same time and you will like it, will be the best candidate. And don’t forget the raised funds to send needy, because you’re not some heartless bastard, whose mind only men.

Places: the bigger your company, the more employees, which means you are sure to be plenty of choice. Choosing a place of work, focuses on the representation of the large foreign corporations in Russia, to include in your hunting list and foreign employees. However, “McDuck” and other global caterers are not concerned…

Still from the film “Office romance”

On yoga: “Soaring above the trees, not knowing barriers…”

Practice asanas paired that imply that you are unfamiliar with a partner will be in for a few minutes to take the most unexpected poses. Before that, make sure that you have mastered the basic skills of yoga. and your tight leggings sit on you quite attractive. Be careful: the practitioners of yoga are too deeply enlightened and the most detached from the lives of the characters that you as a serious girlfriend with matrimonial plans won’t do.

Places: in larger centres like Ashtanga yoga center, NYM Yoga or yoga Federation Moscow’s cheaper to do by buying a subscription for several months, but better to start with one-off sessions to evaluate the contingent. While it is still summer, you can walk and yoga in the parks Museon or Gorky Park – classes there for free and has a strong floor.

Still from the film “Eat, pray, love”

In transport: “you come Out here? – Well, stay healthy!

Less ideal for exploring the subway, because the people in it are divided into two types – those who sleep and those who are reading. And so, and others around them in the moment, the world (and with it, and you’re all such coiffed, painted and sociable) seems like a nightmare from which you want to hide. But if you really want, you certainly can… To establish contact with any object in public transport can use it as handy tools: player, newspaper, book. Be amazed by the song that he listens and will receive the second earpiece in the ear, will discuss his favorite book or comment on the political situation in the country based notes in his paper – interest in politics is now in Vogue. If all the ways of invading His space seem inappropriate to you, come out to stop him and politely ask to escort you to the house, referring to running the crime situation in the district. Dare to refuse – not exactly your type.

Places: please pay special attention to the ring branch and trolley route B in the evening – the men who use them, most likely they live or spend most of your time in the city center.

Still from the film “Operation “Y” and other adventures Shurik”

Lectures: “And leave father’s house a Martyr of science…”

A couple of years ago to go to lectures in Moscow, it was so fashionable that some attended various classes of famous photographers, writers and chefs, even more than the standard places of entertainment.

The main plus to look for a partner exactly in lectures, you will surely be at least one common topic of conversation. Always come to lectures and master classes early, sit close to favourite candidate and ask, what time, how often are lectures that have been Bergman with Liv Ullmann, as koalas reproduce in an artificial environment, how to shoot at a slow shutter speed, what is a shallot and how much of a chance for the lecturer to receive the Nobel prize, the star “Michelin” or “Oscar”. Praise companion for a clear mind, quickly jot down in a notebook of his comments and don’t forget to wear tight pencil skirt with a high neckline and a silk blouse with pumps, pretending to be sexy student second highest.

Places: to deepen their knowledge about urban innovation in the Digital October center; the club of travelers “Worlds” will tell you how to arrange an independent expedition to the exotic route; in company IK “Maksvell the Capital” will teach you to understand the finances; in the Academic school of design in design; in the center of the Freeway – in the movies.

Scene from the movie “Twilight”

In the Park, “I asked ash, where is my favorite…”

In parks there are so many activities that it’s sin to use one of them to find a potential husband. Most of them related to sports, and this facilitates your difficult task. Early in the morning, wear shoes with short shorts and go to enroll in a sports club, playing ping-pong and beach volleyball, ride a longboard and bike. Just do not try to take a bunch of girlfriends and wine and sports are only Dating at sober and preferably alone.

Places: you only parks with lots of entertainment for every taste, that is Gorky Park, Sokolniki Park and garden Bauman. Do not try to go for Dating in the parks – there are families all walk or grilled kebabs.

Garden. Bauman

In the clubs: “yo, DJ, and-well put my CD. ”

In about half of cases old and works perfectly banal acceptance to pretend you’re mistaken. Check, haven’t seen you in here last Friday and didn’t dance together on the bar. He will at least think for a few seconds and you have time to evaluate and talk. Embarrassment and shyness well off cocktails with several kinds of alcohol inside, for example, “long island”. If he understood the trick, laugh with him, because amnesia from a desperate party people – it’s like morning sickness in pregnant women, and should not be ashamed.

Places: in July and August prefer clubs, summer festivals, and in the fall move in “Propaganda” in the search Apatow, Gipsy or “roof of the world” – for Otpetye the goers, in “16 tons” or “B2” for the most usual bored middle class.

In the Gipsy club

In the bars: “Ruins people not beer, water destroys people!”

Bars for singles is much better than clubs. Choose a small cozy place, not too loud music playing and no special shares in the spirit of the 10 shots per 1 000 roubles – such is created only for a quick alcoholic intoxications followed “power”.

Calculate the most populous single men a seat at the bar, and go a long, long wait for the bartender to place an order, and in the meantime, smile at everyone, rhythmically wiggle her hips and signal her friends at the table: the victim’s bite!

Places: looking for informal and moderately hipster places. So, bar “Kamchatka” is a smart choice for travelers with a simple and sociable people from the suburbs, “Arrow” – with architects, designers, and other idlers, “the lighthouse” – journalists, “Claudia” – with fashionistas and artists as “John Donne” – with intelligent football fans.

Bar Strelka

On the Internet: “But love is only what it seems…”

On Dating sites need to hunt for the generous divorced businessmen closer to 40 years and for the bored at work pros or just to spend the evening talking about life, turning stories about mysterious strangers with introspection. If you have a rather interesting discussion, do not abandon proposals to dine or enjoy a coffee with a new friend – he may not be the man of your dreams, but at least make you laugh and will cajole compliments. There are legends that the online Dating even lead to marriage, but given the number of maniacs on the websites of online Dating, it is hard to believe. However, no one bothers to test their luck.

Still from the film “the girl with the dragon tattoo”

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