Tips Japanese women how to behave with anime girl her boyfriend

Tips Japanese women how to behave with anime girl her boyfriend

At the beginning of a romantic relationship, many couples have not studied each other. Every date is a new step in the gradual disclosure of identity of his partner and his own.

Sometimes there are pleasant surprises. For example, the new guy turns out

to be an excellent cook or has a great sense of humor. In other cases, however, discoveries are not the most pleasant. You notice that he drank too much. Or was he mentions that pulls half the salary in pachinko. You suddenly open the chilling causes the loss of all turtles from the Park near his apartment.

Or, perhaps, you will know that he has a huge crush on an anime character .

Considering that the majority of fans are male in the anime you can meet many different characters. Though there have always been fans, overly enthusiastic hand-drawn characters (even in romantic terms), this phenomenon has spread all the more, when the Studio began to produce many of the goods associated with the heroes of this or that anime, thus further tying fans to the screens.

At the same time, a growing number of people who call themselves anime fans, and that means increasing the likelihood that your partner will be otaku. All this leads to another rather complex problem: even if he is not cheating on you with another girl in real life, maybe he already has relationships with two-dimensional favorite.

However, no one likes to play second fiddle. On the web portal “Niconico News” recently a survey was conducted among women, faced with a similar situation. Let’s hear what they suggest to do.

1. Do not hide the disapproval

The first way is simply to explicitly Express their disapproval. In this strategy, there is an undeniable advantage – you don’t have to repeatedly do “subtle hints” – with their understanding, as you know, men are not always cope.

“It’s embarrassing and, as my friends know about the hobby of my husband, I think, they are unlikely to want to spend time with me”, – to worry one 25-year-old Respondent. – “But I love him, so I just told him that, in my opinion, his hobby just disgusting”.

However, deeds speak louder than words, so some women believe it necessary to ensure that their man know that if he put his hobby out of control, will be taken as punitive measures.

“it annoys Me even that he just likes anime”, – one student complains. – “When I saw his collection, I immediately wanted to throw it all away. I certainly didn’t, but he noticed my reaction and is now trying to control myself”.

Although actions definitely show how serious you are, it should be noted that unceremonious elimination meticulously collected and cherished collection of anime is not the best way, because last year in Japan because of such collapsed at least one marriage. In addition, even if you do not feel piety for personal property of others, why throw it away? Why not just sell over the Internet?

2. Participate in cosplay

Instead of trying to turn your boyfriend for favorite heroine, some ladies are recommended to try to be closer to his two-dimensional ideal, wearing the appropriate attire. “My boyfriend asked me to dress up like Hatsune Miku”, – says 25-year-old girl fan of this virtual singer (which, incidentally, is soon to perform as the opening act for lady Gaga). “Before this I was never interested in cosplay, but it was much more fun than I expected, so I now regularly wear different outfits”, – she laughs.

Although, of course, there are many ardent fans, each of which will not refuse to see his girl wears (and then removes) outfit one of the characters, good first step might be to make sure you know exactly who of anime girls like your boyfriend and what outfit he will surely be crazy about, and only then to rush to the shops in search of the fluorescent wigs and miniskirts, which, by the way, not always cheap.

3. Find yourself a anime guy

Some believe this turn quite a fair game and expect to give anime obsessed beauty to try the same pill. “My boyfriend is itching, what is Kobani cute”, – says one 20-year-old College student, implying the anime character “Engaged to a stranger” (“Engaged to the Unidentified”). – “So I decided “give back”, took the girlfriend to watch the series “Freedom!” (“Free!”)”.

What works for one, should be good to another, and “Freedom!”, to learn about the members of the swimming club high school, perfect for pleasuring women’s eyes and may confound the comparison of even the most well-groomed guys.

As it turned out, anime guys too attractive. “at First I only wanted to show her boyfriend how it feels to meet someone so obsessed with an anime character, but I was so fascinated “Freedom!” that now the main character – Haru-Chan – like me more than my boyfriend!”.

Relationship another student who participated in the survey, followed a similar path. After reviewing more than a dozen series, so popular with her boyfriend, she finally found her two-dimensional love in the face of Seijuro Akashi from “Basketball Kuroko” (“Kuroko’s Basketball”).

On the one hand, we can say that such open relationships indicate a level of trust and understanding that speaks of a solid Foundation. However, openly declaring that a cartoon character like you much more of a real man, perhaps you should at least think about what would be better to leave. By the way, this brings us to the last idea from our members.

4. Get your

However, there is a limit to how much you can change someone, and some of the respondents felt that they have only two options. They had either to accept the fact that their heart belongs to the elect only half, or just walk away, leaving a happy opponent to fully own them – this is the way I decided to enter another student. “My boyfriend was very neat and looked like a real idol from some of the group, plus he was really good and easy character”, – she begins her story.

Soon, however, her opinion of him soured. “Learning that he was a fan of the anime, I was really shocked. What’s worse, he likes video games and was always stuck with the after taking a”, – she continues, likely implying one of the characters of the popular Dating simulation for “Nintendo DS” – “Love Plus”.

“I just lost interest in him. I put up couldn”, – she concludes.

It is a pity, considering that some couples were still able to find the Golden mean as the two cosplayers. Sometimes even the attempt to build bridges across the chasm can contribute to mutual understanding and respect. “I wanted my boyfriend was happy, so I decided to surprise him, dressed anime character”, – says the graduate of the University. – “when he Saw me he said: “I’m really glad you think of me so much, but you don’t need to force yourself to do it”.

And yet, if all attempts to compromise, to accept what is happening or how to rehabilitate the object of the affections are wasted, sometimes the only possible option left is the gap, even if you highly doubt your loving-anime-ex-boyfriend will take advantage of newly discovered possibility of romantic communication with the real girls.


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