Psychology of men what do men want in bed and in relationships, what men dream

Secrets of a mistress. What do men want? How to attract the perfect man.



In those days, when the East was ruled by emperors and sultans, in their possession bloomed beautiful oases-harems, constantly fueling the power of his master.

The women of the harem, trying to earn the love of his master, tried to be beautiful, attractive and full of positive energy 24 hours a day. And among them was always the one that became a femme fatale, the apex of the sweetest dreams of the great man. External beauty has played a significant role, because in harem only picked up beauties. But the heart of the ruler won’t the most beautiful woman, but the one that knew what qualities should a person have to stand out and become indispensable to her beloved. However, she could not be of exceptional natural beauty.

Around the modern woman a lot of men. But often they find yourself out of reach of women. How then could a woman of the harem to become desirable and unique, among other beautiful women? What is the secret mistress of the Emperor?

At the master class “secrets of a mistress of the Emperor” we will learn these secrets. Learn how to be manifested in the world of male perception!

Not born beautiful, become entailing

In our time, despite the fact that we are surrounded by many men, a woman often does not know how to become visible. And it’s not just about the looks. On the contrary, often a very bright pretty girl goes unnoticed, out of the sight of men. Either men perceive her not as she would like.

The woman does not know how to think about men to draw them to himself. She cannot feel the important of women’s status, which the energetic level, that turns men on. Men, seeing a woman, feel that their shares with her an invisible wall.

To destroy this wall will help first master class of the series “the enchantress Secrets from around the world”. Together with coach Elena Gruzdevaya you will discover the secrets of desirable women and use new knowledge to conquer men’s hearts.

This master class will become the guiding star of your life, if you want:

to awaken the interest of men;

to turn the routine and tedious everyday life in the passion, the sensuality, passion;

energize your life and the lives of the elect;

learn to understand and feel men.

Participants of the master class is just mind-boggling discoveries that they make in the classroom.

“it Turned out that I wasn’t interested in what men think,

what are they concerned about, what they dream about. I only think about how they treat me! But man is the whole world! And as something new began to look at men – to me it was really interesting – and what do they live? And so look at them with genuine, sincere interest, and such response at the catch!

Me again begun to learn, and in cafes, and in cinema, as in the days when I was 19 years old! Now I’m almost 30, and I already forgot about this interest, men JUST didn’T see me! Yay, girls, life is just beginning! I advise everyone to this master class!”

How to become a magnet for men?

You will learn about this during the master-class ” secrets of a mistress of the Emperor” . You will learn how to attract, to interest men. You will learn how to give a loved one the pleasure and inspiration.

Elena Gruzdeva will tell you how to become a magnet for men and how to affect the most delicate strings of men’s souls.

Here are a few reasons to come to the master class:

– Together with interest and attention from the opposite sex you will gain confidence in their own irresistibility that will be even more attracted to you men.

– You will be filled and will value much higher than before the lessons in our club.

– You will be able to return fire in an already existing relationships-If you have to search for your rugs then you can attract the ideal man .

Many women have already made the right choice when you come to a master class and joined the number of those lucky people in front of them swung open the whole world.

What they say:

Svetlana 33 years

“I got a huge portion of positive emotions, self-confidence!

I am married, and my goal was the return of the husband’s attention to me. Everything turned out! I feel like I stepped out of the shadows!”

“only now I understand why you haven’t met me

normal men for several years! Although I’m bright enough and stylish girl. If me and got acquainted, they were always dissatisfied with life as a man. And I’m very attracted to your state and the expression of just such! And for me on the internal perception of the world women’s and men’s world seemed impenetrable wall were separated. Now I just feel like everything is interconnected. My inner Casket of Jewels opened to the world, and shines! I re-open to men and ready to have found the most suitable for me the Emperor”.

Zoe, 28 ” Very informative master class! Finally I realized what kind of relationship I want. To me it is very important that we loved were the common goals and values, and not just sexual compatibility. Now I know how to attract a man, right I completely. And most importantly, where I can meet him! ”

What is the program?

The master class will be a lot of invaluable information:

Women’s attractiveness in the eyes of men. How we classify men.

What qualities do you need to exercise, and how to attract the right man.

The secret of creating images. How to understand what the man you need

How to think about the man that he found you.

How to relate to other women, that your feminine energy is increased.

How to become manifested in the world of men’s perception on the energy level.

Secrets of the interaction of male and female energies at different stages of the relationship.

How to make your Emperor sees in you is a real Jewel.

And also you can expect a pleasant and exciting exercises and practice:

We look at ourselves through the eyes of the men and determine what we are lacking;

Exercise “Harem”, where we learn to Express their unique individuality;

Practice “My Precious”, where we learn to accumulate special attraction for men energy;

“My ideal”, creating the ideal image of men

Practice meditation to manifest himself in the world of male attention;

Practice – a meditation on attracting the Perfect man.

To consolidate the results of each participant will receive homework.

How much is it?

For 2.5-3 hours, which lasts for a master class, you will receive a lot of useful knowledge and skills, good humor and energy.

Class costs 3500 rubles, if paid 5 days before the master class earlier discount 500 rubles. Hurry – places are limited.

To get to the master class you can, making three simple steps

1. You can call (343) 377-62-63 (343) 377-62-63 or register here .

2. You come to the Center at the address: Ekaterinburg, ul. Khomyakov, 16 pay a master class at the reception.

3. Together with Elena Gruzdevaya open the mysteries of female attractiveness.

Our guarantee

Don’t worry if the first 15 minutes of class you will find that the knowledge you do not need, you can go and get all the money back. With no questions asked.

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