Psychology technician tantalizing flirtation

Women’s flirting is an art of seduction.

“The desire to please is born in women

before the desire to love”.

Man will not attempt, meets a woman, which shows that it is closed for a romantic relationship. This technique is often used by the women especially, to cut off the army of suitors. But the majority of women tends to have more men, among which we can find the right one.

Third, shy and modest women are in need of learning the ways of flirting.

For such a shy women flirting — it is rather an attempt in its natural form to Express their desire and intention to meet a man.

Remember that flirting is something more than an ordinary dream.

Technology tantalizing flirting is based:

• The art of eye contact – a conversation on the language of the eyes.

• Art explicitly talk on body language.

• Art sexy gait.

And in this band is combined with the first violin plays your face, because it all starts with a glance. We have studied the sequence seductive visual contact: the woman gives the man a couple of seconds the gaze, playing with the mystery of a smile that quickly lowers his eyes obediently, while simultaneously turning the head. Then again look back, so repeat three times.

A genuine smile is your mighty weapon, because men are just tired of the duty of smiles and cold eyes.

The desire to please the woman reflected in her eyes, a spark of that light must be an emotional appeal. Glance from under my lashes when the lower lip is relaxed and attractive rose petal, open mouth, where you hide the pearls of your teeth, a soft smile playing at the corners of the lips.

You languidly lifted eyes at the man, silently say: “I am a charming and sexy.” And then look down to the right, that is the signal for kinesthetic, sensory experiences. Then the man think, looking at him, you felt a strong voluptuous excitement is his will. You create sexual internal state, the emergence cute poluulybki and slightly evil glint in your eyes. And may he mistaken, but it blows him up.

Another method – the effect of dilated pupils. Dilated pupils indicate the arousal of the person, so you will be able to initiate. Look into the distance of 4-5 h, then abruptly turn the eyes on the nose men, as if peering. From a sharp focus on a close object the pupils are expanding dramatically, and then you look closely at the man. This sexual signal directly into the subconscious men puts that this woman is aroused only one of its kind. Imagine what fantasies will visit poor head of this facility, then you are free to dispose of his illusions.

The eye is probably the most important flirting tool. Usually people believe that the eyes are the organ that perceives the information, but actually they are still incredibly powerful transmitter. Even from a distance over the heads of other woman can give to understand beautiful for her man, that he is interesting to her. All you need to do is to catch the eye of interested men and hold it for more than a second.

This will be the Overture to your game, but we will continue!

Touch is the strongest element in the art of flirting, he’s already entering the stage of seduction men.

Seduction – this is a step to a deeper relationship, and so the object must be worthy. Know that it is “playing with fire” is dangerous because it is possible also most to fall in love. Be careful in the choice of the subject of seduction. If a woman is set to have a close relationship with a man, she should not be ashamed to admit it.

Divide touch on two that use women: accidental and deliberate.

“By chance” – you invade his intimate psychological space, leaning in to him, the world is breast, coming closer to her, you inadvertently touch on his thigh. If you are at a party, you can stand closer to him so that your Breasts are slightly touched his shoulder. He will feel it, no doubt. And even if he doesn’t know that you did it consciously, it’ll turn him on.

In conversation, laughing at his joke, you playfully touch his forearm with his hand, as if to confirm his point.

Targeted touch – when you start to talk to you like a man, can be used for the reinforcement of words – the language of gestures. For example, the exchange of items, you take it with a glass so that the touch of his fingers, or he brings you a lighter, and then you are going to take him by the hand.

I want to draw your attention, try not to touch the back of the hand men, it’s like a sign of dominance, avoid it. The man likes to take a woman’s hand in his hand, the feeling of power over a woman.

The same touches also include the dance, especially slow. Dancing with the man you want to attract, not estrange from him. Your eyes should not wander around the nooks and crannies of the room and look at the others, he must feel that you are dancing with him. Here during this dance can give a hint to the man, hugging his neck. Not to be vulgar nor overtly sexual. After all, in this dance you anticipate future feelings and awaken the imagination. Give him your attention while dancing, and not too much of a hurry to slip out of his grasp, when the music ended.

An important element of flirting is your voice that must match and the atmosphere and the moment. For a simple narrative of the conversation should speak in his normal voice, but sometimes alternating low sexual, accompanying a mysterious hint of a smile. You can whisper him something in his ear.

Will advise you of the impact, but it is only for men that you really like and you will already be familiar with. When you talk to him, look him straight in the eye, and then hold his head in his hands for the whiskey label motion kiss, but only mark. You will be surprised of his reaction.

While chatting with a man does not need to be afraid of feelings, of expressions of emotions and remember that the views expressed admiration in his address is the path to his heart.

Compliments for men, as lure for pike, fishing with an empty hook. Praise him (and as we have said) and he will be attracted to you once again to hear flattering words in his address. This ensures the second and subsequent meetings. Men need to feel that he likes you he’s interesting and was impressed. And this will cause the mirror attitude, therefore, and you will become him interesting and attractive.

For seduction don’t forget to copy the gestures of a man, to repeat some words from his vocabulary. He sees you as their own kind that offers you to him. Remember that men usually are just like those women who have a positive perception of his views, postures, gestures, words.

Remember what you’ve read above, is the secret of your appeal is not in the clothes and in makeup, and in an invisible fluid sexuality that you radiate, but don’t send too obvious sexual signals. Create the impression of cheerful, happy, a bit mysterious, Flirty, but not more girls. Remember that the internal state of coquetry is the desire of men like plus confidence in their appearance, plus the openness, the ability to perceive the tokens and send sexual impulses.

Flirting is an open demonstration of interest , the first step towards a romantic relationship.


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