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Cheating husband, causes, and signs in the behavior

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Statistics show that three out of five men, at least once, but cheated on his woman. Just in most cases the fact of treason manages to hide, especially if it’s a disposable option that has no consequences in later life men. Much harder to hide an ongoing relationship, where the man is forced to keep his secret from his wife. And what is secret, as they say sooner or later becomes apparent, and the signs of infidelity husband begin to swim to the surface, especially if the affair became something more.

What are the causes of infidelity? Typically, male infidelity is customary to blame the woman, like it’s her own fault that she had ceased to look after themselves, to pay the man’s attention, began to refuse sex, constantly nags her man, so he went to seek solace on the side. Yes, sometimes it is really a woman, but whether always to blame only her?

There is nobody not a secret that in our age of equality between the sexes, women are forced to be torn between work, household chores and children, and still need to find time for yourself and your man. Not an easy task, and correctly solve it have failed. But we are not going to touch the topic at all to find the time to properly organize your life. We are talking about the consequences of the lack of time for yourself and your man, treason. So think, how are you doing on this plane, there is enough well you look, and are you able to devote sufficient time to the man, contributing to the diversity in your relationship. Whether you are close emotionally, because many novels begin it by the fact that the man could communicate with your woman.

And most importantly, the man changes often, because he could not forget the betrayal of his women, which was the place to be. No matter how much time passed, a man can forgive a woman commit adultery, but forget, never!

Even if that’s all right, you are still not safe from her husband’s infidelity, because there is a category of men who just can’t deny myself the satisfaction of his desire to spin the new novel or just spend time with another woman, these people, called a womanizer. You talk a lot about men’s nature, but the fact remains, correct womanizer is practically impossible. It will still from time to time to wrap to the left.

What are the signs of male infidelity? Actually a lot of them. You should not convict a man of treason, having seen only a couple of them, only a combination of several signs should alert you.

Signs of infidelity

Appearance men

One of the signs of her husband’s infidelity, is to change its appearance. If your man started better watch yourself, going to the gym, update clothes, changed perfume or started to use it, although this has not been touched, has become cleaner shave and better watch out for your hair, you should think, why suddenly such a big change. Of course, you should not immediately accuse him of cheating. Might look better to him necessary for promotion or just to keep up with their colleagues, or he was a revaluation of values, and a desire to look better, perhaps, to be more like you. So do not just lash out at her man with suspicions and accusations, just try to figure out what caused these changes.

Delays at work

The more serious of the signal may be frequent interruptions at work and sudden business trips, both short and long term. Especially, if before was nothing like this. Of course, maybe this kind of change is really related to his employment, and maybe you have a reason for concern.

Change in behavior

You should pay attention to the changes in the behavior of men. And these changes can be both positive and negative side. It can become whiter affectionate and caring towards you because he feels guilty. Also with the advent of a mistress, man becomes more happy and satisfied, it affects his behavior in a positive way.

The man’s behavior may change in a negative direction. He begins to see all your shortcomings associated with the appearance, housekeeping, etc. he starts to make comments, to find fault with you, that was not there before. Do not take these signs of infidelity husband in behavior for the truth from the beginning again find out what this behavior is due.

Negative changes can be related to the fact that he, as they say boiling, it was quenched in itself irritation with regards to your behavior, which he doesn’t like, and positive — never too late to appreciate what a wonderful woman beside you.

Sex life

With the advent of a mistress, your sex life will definitely change. And for the worse. As part of their sexual forces your spouse leaves on the side, for you, they will be much less. If you’ve had sex 2-3 times a week, now this number will be reduced to one or can visit 2-3 times a month. Man this may explain their reluctance, fatigue, workload and other excuses. So if your sex life is on the decline, should seriously ponder the reason.

Marks on the body

Of course, the indisputable sign of male infidelity can be considered as traces on the body, such as scratches, hickeys, lipstick and other women’s cosmetics to clothing. Here, as the saying goes, don’t wriggle.

Changing the order of the day

Another sign of her husband’s infidelity. After all, the mistress takes time, and it needs to be cut out from the daily routine, so we have to spin. To stand before, to invent new things, activities and Hobbies, to explain his absence. If previously your man spent all their evenings and weekends with you, and now he has, things, friends, relatives and even new Hobbies, type of the pool, which he never played, you should look at it more carefully.


When looking for signs of her husband’s infidelity, look in his phone. Very often the ends are there. Of course, all the calls and SMS can be immediately removed, but you can, and forget to do it. In addition, an alarming signal may be the fact, when the phone is off, or in your presence is on silent mode or vibrate call, not to have to take up the call from his mistress at the most inopportune moment.


Another important factor. If your approach, your man turns sharply to the browser, closing his correspondence, there is reason to think that he’s hiding up there. To communicate over the Internet with his mistress is much easier than on the phone or SMS. So you can make that work, or just looking for something interesting. So if it is possible to find the password to his email or social networks, do this and all will become clear whether you have cause for concern.


Another place where you can find signs of her husband’s infidelity. Of course, it is not necessary to panic if you found a woman’s hair on the back of the seat, he could give a lift to anyone, but to different changes the look of the car should pay attention to. Typically, men begin to better monitor the cleanliness of the salon, when a mistress becomes a frequent passenger, also be detected in the salon of female subjects is reason to think, of course, if this is not the undergarments, here and so is becoming abundantly clear.


If you began to find checks from flower shops, departments, perfumes, jewelry stores, etc. and you do not receive such gifts, most likely gets another woman. Of course, this may be an isolated case, when the data of the purchase being made for a work colleagues birthday or other important occasion. But if this is not the first time, then you have cause for concern. Also a reason to think may be the lack of money in your family budget, although large purchases were not foreseen, or, if a separate budget, your man too often to tell you that he has no money.

What to do if

If signs of infidelity husband significant and a lot of them, take your time, find out what it is. A casual relationship at one time, not disposable, but meaningless relationship or something serious.

If the first two options, then consider whether because of a fleeting connection to shatter your strong relationship. Maybe it’s still worth it to go through, at the same time to think about what your man can not miss in your relationship. If you decide to forgive and to live happily, you need not to put your man know that you are aware of his infidelity, and can tell him all you know. Usually men worry when wives find out, even if they forgive them, man will be ashamed that he’s so upset you, he will try as quickly as possible to earn your forgiveness through his actions and gifts.

If his connection is much more serious than just a fling, then it is harder, perhaps he already has thought about leaving, but doesn’t know how to tell you. In this case, not worth the risk, pretend to know nothing about his infidelity and try to adjust your attitude, try to give him what he lacks. Of course, could not happen, it is not always possible to understand what your man found another woman, but worth a try.

If you feel that you can’t forgive infidelity no matter what, then you don’t need to overpower yourself, is not worth living with someone going against itself.


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