A glance how to understand what is love

When an old hero of the film asked the question: “do You believe in love at first sight?”, he exclaimed: “there really isn’t any other love?”

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Indeed, most of us in thinking of the its “fateful encounter”, remember that in the first moment there was a strange feeling that “with this man I will”. Some unknown force was pulling it towards him, and the circumstances themselves were formed so as to connect

you together.

Why out of all the people we meet in life, this person made such a strong impression? Why first

meeting him brought the whole body in such awe that his heart wildly beating, the body became light, and the soul boiling with causeless joy? There are several versions to this account.

Biological. Physiologists like to explain this phenomenon by the action of pheromones – special compounds emitted by man to attract the opposite sex. Smell, they almost do not have, but by acting on certain receptors, can trigger deep emotions and sexual desire. One thing is unclear: why pheromones that person you feel dizzy and you will pass another indifferently pass without noticing.

Hypnotic . Anthropologists believe that love at first sight has a literal meaning. It’s all in the eye contact. Say it’s instinct, left us a legacy from the animals. They gaze leads to combat readiness that area of the brain that is responsible for the urge to approach or to recede. People a fair shake is perceived as a feeling of love. American psychologists conducted a study: 48 of strange men and women were suggested during a conversation looking at each other with varying degrees of intensity. It turned out that prolonged gaze intensified the feeling of passionate love and trust to your partner.

If the person who is staring at you, you cute, you maintain this contact. And love happens at first sight. If not, averting the eyes, and nothing happens.

Psychoanalytic . Some psychologists after Freud believes that the first and the brightest our love occurs in early childhood – to the parent of the opposite sex. And then women have a lifetime looking for in another man your father (and a strong half, respectively, the mother).

If you met a man like your dad externally or at least in some details, is the same smile, the way he talks, you suddenly can cover a wave “love at first sight”. However, it is peculiar only to those who have had a very good relationship with his father, for whom he remained a ideal man. Or conversely, those who all the time had problems with it. In this case, the woman is looking for “like the father” in order to complete the dialog, to prove that it’s not like he thought about her, she’s better.

“Topo” . This version is similar to the previous, but only the woman is unconsciously looking for is not “father”, as someone who once made a great impression on her. It could be a neighbor’s boy, who as a child was pulling her on a sled, first love or first man. American sexologist John Mani introduced to describe this phenomenon, the term “topography of love”. Is marks of pain or pleasure that you carry in your heart. And, having met the man, somewhat similar to the one that brought us a lot of joy or despair, we instantly fall in love – sometimes called “contrary to reason”.

“Onegin” . Tatiana fell in love with Onegin, too, at a glance: “as You arrived, I instantly knew”. It happens when a woman has long experience loneliness, rotating among “inappropriate” she males, by level of education, culture, marital status. Inside her

one gets the ideal, what should be her choice. And when you meet someone who at least partially coincides with this image, she gets «sunstroke»: «I almost swooned, blazed and to myself I said: ’tis he!”

Response . People often fall in love with those in whose eyes they see the perfect reflection of themselves. When someone loves, you feel beautiful, significant, energetic. How not to “repay” of the same coin to the man who raised your self-esteem! This phenomenon is not built in a classic plot: X assure that in love with him, and now X loves Y, perhaps even before the first time you see him.

Mystical . People who are inclined to mysticism, believe that the person tore the “karmic knot” in a previous life, are sure to meet new and get to know each other. This can be, for example,

the lovers are separated. Or Vice versa enemies who have not forgiven each other. In the new life they face and continue the interrupted dialogue.

But whatever version (and there are probably a lot more listed), all who are faced with this phenomenon, the question arises: is it possible to trust the feeling at first sight?

In love no one can give guarantees. The only thing that can (and should) do is when you Wake up from your sunstroke, to turn the mind to think: what kind of relationship you want with this person and is it real? Each version is fraught with pitfalls.

Biological . If you are attracted to a person solely in the physical plane, note how close you are with him on education, interests, social environment, from which you came. You graduated from the Conservatory, and his musical knowledge is limited to the repertoire of radio “Chanson”? Yes, you can have mind blowing sex, but count on a long period of harmonious relations is hardly possible.

Hypnotic . Sinking in the eyes of a stranger, consider this: maybe he is “professional” seducer? Many men use this technique to attract a woman. Some do it even automatically.

Psychoanalytic and “topo” . Perhaps you see this man is not who he really is, and her father and the person that you once were in love. And when he will show dissimilarity with them, it will annoy you. But if, “sapaw” to the man just because he is the man of your type and you will be able to see it in person and love him the way he is, the prediction can be quite favorable.

Onegin . If you’ve been alone, any more or less decent man will seem ideal. And it is dangerous. No man can conform to the image you created in your imagination. In addition, the love of a woman arising from loneliness, not from an excess of energy, a man is often perceived as Intrusive. Maybe because Onegin and gave rebuke Tatiana.

Response . It’s nice to fall in love with someone who already loves you and expresses your feelings. But be prepared for the fact that this relationship may soon end. After all, their only feeds your fan: you both love one person – you. However, if you love your man will provide impetus to and you fell in love with him, then things might get better.

Mystical . Version interesting, only here to prove all of these “karmic knots”, “past lives” – it is impossible.

Love at first sight is not worse than love at second or third. In reality, many cases where people fall in love, barely seeing each other and live happily whole life. And Vice versa: for years ’s watch”, validate their feelings, and married, divorced six months later.

If you visited this wonder – love at first sight – enjoy it in full. Will be continuing the relationship – you can tell after the hero of the film: “there really isn’t any other love?” Not going to happen – explain to yourself that it’s just a flash of passion, pheromones, you know, hormones.

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