The rules of communication with a girl

Don’t know how to start conversation with a girl? In the article you will find a list of good conversation topics with a girl. How to chat with a girl? The basic rules of communication. Well, let’s deal!

If you are reading this article, perhaps you’ve been in difficult situations when you don’t know how to start conversation with a girl. But

what can I say, any encountered problems when communicating. Begin to torment an awkward silence in the conversation, I don’t know what to say, how to translate the conversation, what can you ask,and what not.

You know: girls love with their ears. Because you need to clearly understand: what to talk about with a girl and how to make an effective conversation.

Through our training programs, there are two equally important areas: to Speak and to Touch.

Correct touches give sexual interest (common mistake — a guy with a girl just talk on a date and even if all goes well, it is very likely write in friends), but touch is not the topic of this article.

To speak is as important as touch. This gives personal interest. If only to touch you’ll look like either a maniac or a failed “macho”.

What to say to a girl on a date? How to chat with a girl? The rules of communication.

Our experience proves that you can talk about almost everything. Girls perceive any information. It’s not what you say, it is important. If the supply is not up to par, then any, even the most interesting, the information will not cause any emotions.

Bear in mind that to touch on religion, politics, work or study (the exception would be curious cases of student life) in the beginning of Dating just not worth it: the mood of the lady will spoil, and the theme is not for a first date.

Purely male subjects to raise, too, is not worth it. Don’t talk to her about beer, football, war and other things that mostly only interested in men.

Let the girl feel heard and understood. Give her the feeling that you’re on the same wavelength. Talk to sweet about summer vacation, the interests (all of which suddenly may coincide), the esoteric (many girls are fond of mysticism), don’t forget to talk about their future plans and dreams. Any girl will feel a genuine interest in your person after this conversation.

Go further: what questions can I ask the girls?

Here everything is simple. Our priority is to uncover the girl, and the questions should be appropriate. Try to ask questions to the girls so they had no opportunity to answer the question “Yes” or “no”.

REMEMBER! When a man does not know what to say — he asks questions. Don’t convert the date to a questionnaire. Ask a girl and LISTEN to her answers. Very good idea to argue with a girl, just remember: your goal is not to argue or to prove that you’re right, and to maintain an interesting conversation.

Tell me stories

Telling stories — you create the impression about yourself, because they need to be. But to lie or to tell the truth — a purely personal matter.

Tell stories in which you:

— are popular with women;

— to listen to other men;

— you are appreciated;

— you know exactly what they want and are not afraid of difficulties.

Simply put, your history should present you in a positive light, but unobtrusive. When you openly bragging is a show-off when you talk about it casually — it’s a PR. All prepodnosit with dignity: you’re so cool, a priori, and to communicate it to others, has once again not needed.

Visualize your communication

Communicating with a girl is not a subject of conversation, which sets out the facts without any lyrical digressions. Diluted his speech with images, let the girl to take in what you tell her. The girl should not just listen, but also to imagine. Detaliile picture in her head. More nuanced — and you’re saying interesting.

For example, discuss with her how it would be great if you ended up together on the ocean in a cafe with bamboo walls. Two cocktails from fresh mango with ice would save you from the heat, you would hide from the sun under umbrellas and waited for the sunset. Etc.

Change the topic of conversation

To speak on the same topic endlessly impossible, there comes a point when the topic gets bored. To switch to another theme use the word “Incidentally”. It’s a versatile bunch-crossing, use it.

Just saying “by the Way” and turn to any topic. With experience you will be able to make the transition very smooth and unnoticeable. Thus, you can think of any topics to chat with girl

Typical mistakes men when communicating:

Don’t turn your date into an interrogation.

Try to ask 5-10 questions in a row to his friend — most likely you will break sooner, like, what do you want… So why should it be interested in a girl who you don’t quite know. Before to take something, you need something to give.

Here is where the questions began to ask the girl, that’s great — she’s interested in you.

Search report (search for common topics to chat with girl).

If you nervously start to look for a topic of conversation, which would have liked the girl, you will only cause pity. You will be confused. Unless that is your purpose? A girl’s got to play by your rules. Talk about what is interesting to you (but don’t forget the rules). The girl herself will tell you a theme that will interest you. The standard example of a conventional date — sat down, began to look for common topics of conversation. Now it’s not about you. We hope.

The slowness of communication.

A typical situation: the communication goes well sit until it stops, until you get bored or grow tired of each other. Create a deficit. Finish date should be at the peak, in this case, the time until your next meeting works for you, she will think of you. Beginners usually hard to end the date at the top, it should continue only if you are then going to move somewhere else. We know how to do it and on the first date, but now is not it. For starters it is better to limit your communication 1-1.5 hours.

Virtual communication.

The girl accustomed to talk in social networks, ICQ, or chat, if you are to communicate with her there. Flirt she will also be able to network, but in the real world can move away from you. You certainly do not need.

If a girl sends you an sms, answer him, but after the second sms do not be lazy to dial a number and talk to her on the phone.

The voice is important.

Here is the brief description. Without making mistakes, which are here described, and following these simple rules, you will be able to raise your skills. By itself, however, reading the article won’t work. You need to start doing something right now.

Here’s a little homework: remember what I told you about history? Do yourself workpiece, at least five or six stories. The history match is different, so they can help you out in any situation. Having a bit of workpieces, learn how to improvise easier. Sketch a plan of these stories. Can record their names, but my head already keep detailed plan. And most importantly, Use them!

At least 2 times in a day turn stories into their conversation.

And finally, chip “Alternative history”.

This is a cool game that gives a very vivid emotions to the girl when used correctly. Give the girl an alternative choice tomorrow.

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