Love at first sight

Today I have for you in store a more romantic theme than usual, and it was “love at first sight”. I think everyone understands what is at stake. How many times in your life have you looked into somebody’s eyes and completely dissolved in them. All thoughts were only about him, lost sleep, appetite, did not want to work, the whole deal would collapse

from the hands. Not experienced such? Sorry, lost a lot.

Some people believe that love is nothing more than animal attraction, chemistry and whatnot. Fundamentally disagree. If we just pulled each other

on the basis of the instinct of procreation, we would be mated with each other indiscriminately. Was not created by the family, was not art, which is powered by love. But where is the chemistry? Love at first sight occurs only at a distance, just looking.

If it had arisen after the communication, it cannot be called love at first sight. As described by those who have experienced this wonderful feeling? I turned my head and saw him. Through the heart of the passed electric current, in the shower appeared pleasant languor. Suddenly, I realized that he was the man I was looking for my entire life. I will say that this kindergarten? But this allows a person to be himself and not become soulless wall.

How does the love at first sight?

Let’s fast forward to the moment when you met your love. Is a girl on the track, and then see the guy coming from the opposite direction. Eyes met, a spark. If spotted each other. The paradox is that the majority of women goes, with downcast eyes in the ground, or staring at the sky. In this case, the probability that you will meet eyes, is extremely small.

Many argue that this is because men do not give a pass and just tortured

with their attention. Can’t be that girl didn’t like the male attention. Rather, fear of casual Dating (what in it terrible?), the woman prefers not to meet at all, preferring an office romance or Dating friends.

So it is a casual acquaintance and can give you what you dream of, relations of love. Yes, there is no guarantee that casually acquainted, relationships renewed life. As with other types of Dating, there is a guarantee? No, it is not. Besides, a man meets with you, not because you have a rich inner world, but based on the sudden feeling.

Often, a man much heavier than the woman. The vast majority of acquainted does not know how, afraid of rejection, indifference, and even bullying. So, the guy himself will come to you to get acquainted only in extreme cases. And you deprive the two of you the opportunity to create a happy couple. If you do not want a man to help you, at least, do not interfere.

Scientists claim that the physiological desire, that is, the choice of a male for mating, occurs in the first seven to ten seconds after meeting views. On a technical matter. How many people voluntarily renounced favourite half, preferring standard and boring Dating template. Came up to you man, began to get acquainted, don’t be cruel, give it a chance.

Not everyone can come up with to discover the original sentence. Chasing fans with well-hung tongue, you risk to get acquainted with Alphonse or a pickup artist. And that all women are as afraid of fire. And love you from such men will not wait. By the way, if Dating was love at first sight, then the sex is fast, nobody is going to know each other better.

Right, because you already love each other. Can this happen that you do not reciprocate. So now, not to meet and not to meet? Believe me, men are subject to the same fears as you, and so happy couples created very little. I will never forget what you told me one old woman, with whom I talked in the queue. You know, I married for love, and at first glance.

One guy was Dating for three years and broke up. I met my husband by chance, on the first date have sex. Two weeks later, got married and lived a long and happy life. Five years ago her husband died, but her love for him has not disappeared. Here’s and example. I think grandma made it all up? And I believe her, she told it with such shining eyes that I have in sincerity be no doubt.

How to set yourself to find your love?

Well, you still have the desire to find love at first sight? Then don’t waste your time, begin to act. First of all. You need to completely transform the style of thinking. No need to be afraid that the relationship will not develop. Yes, have nine out of ten. But Teens are going to be such that you will be the envy of all our relatives and friends.

Ask, and how to accomplish as much time to change the partner to choose worthy? Very simply, you need to allow men to get acquainted with you, not to waste on grinding more than two or three months, then it is real time. And keep in mind that most women make the same mistakes. They seek when choosing a partner to find someone who likes and liveable.

Yes, these marriages can last for years, but how then love. Really, you don’t want in your relationship was a spark, but not a habit. Build a family only through love can’t make either, so need a happy medium. I do not understand how you can build a relationship with someone if you don’t feel no feelings whatsoever.

1)Get rid of obsessive thoughts.

If you believe that love at first sight is not for you, and easier to meet only with those whom you recommend then leave hope for happiness. You will have only his illusion. You are looking for a decent job, do not agree to those proposals that are of no interest to you. Here and in the relationship, the alternatives should not be, the only man that you like and that’s it.

Think will not work. But why give up without a fight? What got the relationship you always get, and if you find love, you will get long-awaited happiness. I think men will have apartment, car, house, and it will make your family happy. So ask rich people and realize that many are very unhappy. Learn to be happy with what you have, and then there will be happiness.

2)Seek your destiny.

Do not expect that will happen like a fairy tale and the man finds you. Although, he would love, and you stick in

wheel pose. As I said, the man is much harder to decide to come and meet you, but this girl is not only Flirty, rude, rude or not answering. Then he says that the guy she did not like. Well, if she listens to her heart and not estimates the cost of his shoes and cloak. In this case, the choice is greatly expanded and there is the opportunity to really choose between worthy and such as everyone else.

Plus, stereotypes in terms of sex. Specially tightening moment of intimacy, and fighting with yourself, you’re only making it worse. After sex relations to a new level, and you don’t have to waste time on unnecessary people. If after sex he abandoned you, we rejoice that it was not necessary to waste time on someone with whom nothing would have happened. And if all is well and things are progressing, then you can only congratulate.

3)Love, and does not clarify the relationship.

If all goes well, then proceed to assess the situation and possible developments. Believe me, having sincere feelings and moral support, the man will quickly make you an offer and he will insist on the appearance of children. Everyday falsehood does not develop the relationship, but it destroys them. You don’t get a happy family, and just getting used to each other. These relationships can end at any moment.

No matter how psychologists are trying to convince women that manipulate, blackmail and control men cannot, all to no avail. I can’t believe women in love and, especially, in love at first sight and prefer to build the family with cunning and prudence. Men can feel it, and they don’t need less love than you. It turns out that seeing the horizon at least the illusion of love, a man leaves his wife and children, although it can be done and a woman.

Somehow people have lost the ability to love, preferring to chase after material goods. They do not understand that in a full relationship where a man and a woman love and respect each other, welfare is always higher. Ask why? Yes, because instead of all day to quarrel, partners can do sports, Hobbies, make money.

Calculate the time needed to showdown, and you’ll understand. Demanding love from others, learn to love yourself. Be generous and patient, do not keep it near you worthless people to create the illusion of a number of friends. Don’t be afraid to love, to give love to the man, and he will tell you the same. But if you are capable of love at first sight, but in your soul a lot more romantic than you think.

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