How to enchant a man.


Vladimir Dovgan is currently one of the best success coaches in Russia. His name is remembered by many. In the 90s a huge shaft products advertising “Dougan” made him one of the most famous entrepreneurs in Russia. In the late 90s Dougan called for the training of the famous Anthony Robinson, who literally changed his life. He decides to devote his life to studying and teaching the people the most important branches of human knowledge – the art of happiness. At the moment Dougan was on the field a star of world level. He was able to help change your life in a positive direction tens of thousands of people (including this author who created the website “Astrology and psychology of love”). Dougan is the author of the remarkable

book “How to win a man’s heart”. Below I suggest to get acquainted with interesting excerpts from this book.

Yesterday in the pool I watched a typical story: in a lounge chair sat a woman, wrapped in a warm Bathrobe, and there, in the pool, swam her husband. We men always want to look like heroes. Especially in front of their women. And here’s a typical situation: a man makes an extreme effort and in the same breath swims under water metre pool. To him it was a feat, his personal achievement. And his “spouse” absolutely not notice. Man, as a child, asked his wife: “how was it? Saw? You saw what I now swam a pool?” A woman bored raises his eyes and meets colorless, sweet voice: “yeah, see.” And yawning all the while.

The man waiting for her praise, admiration, love confession, he continues to knock at her heart: “how was it? Cool? Isn’t that amazing? I swam a pool!” No stopping big baby already open and asking for praise. “Yes,” dry boring voice says lady.

I’m watching this scene not merely as an observer, but as a large child. And I’m truly hurt by this man. I want her to shout: “Well what’s it to you? Well praise him, he’s really good!” I’m starting to get nervous along with the man. I would do the same, like he was waiting for his beloved admiration, sincere praise! And this woman didn’t understand that at this point has caused huge offense to your man. She doesn’t understand how to fill a man’s heart with warmth, love, joy, light energy.

In such moments I want to shout to all the women on Earth, “ladies! Please praise us more often, admire us, applaud us, magnify us. And we will conquer the world!” This is not a rant. The great Napoleon Bonaparte was fond of saying: “whatever I have achieved, only by women and for women!”

When, dear women, You have the goal to win the heart of men, conquer his soul, conquer his mind. And for that one delicious soup or fried potatoes with chicken, believe me, very little.

We live in a very hard, grey, cold weather. Streams of black, negative, empty, meaningless information literally from morning till night bombard our consciousness, our tired hearts. We live in a very negative environment. I worked a lot in America, Germany, Japan, Switzerland and I know exactly what I write. Russia, I’m sure, one of the most negative in moral terms countries in the world. Even in the more impoverished Vietnam I saw more happy, smiling faces, than in our more well-fed Mother Russia. Believe me, in material terms, we live not so bad – hungry people around us very little. But all of us, especially men, feel emotional, spiritual hunger. And we can help only smart, informed women.

My dear reader, no matter how old You are, no matter what your education – let the man with whom You live or who want to win, more warmth, more positive emotional energy!

I myself in my youth was the victim of a misunderstanding, unawareness of my favorite women. I remember well – they truly loved me, they are sincere, kind, warm treated me, and our feelings were mutual. But! They didn’t know the “main administration for the man”.

They didn’t know which buttons and how often to click. They didn’t know what heart strings to pull.

And so that’s very sad, our communication – communication between two people in love – gave me a lot of pain, discomfort and suffering.

What gave me the woman, and that does not allow most women to their men? Attention, remember and record!

Are we missing Your praise, magnify, Your constant declarations of love. Yes, my dear! It is a Declaration of love.

For some reason most women truly believe that they, the women, “like ears” and men must constantly to tell them, “You’re the dearest in the world. You are the most beautiful. You are the most charming. You’re the prettiest”. But, dear women! We also need a Declaration of love. We men, too, “love ears”. Every man should constantly hear from their women the same words: “You’re the favorite! You’re the smartest! You are the most beautiful! You are the most adorable! You’re the best, I believe in you! I sincerely believe that you will achieve great success!”

When I observe how talk with women

men, I grab his head. I always want to shout: “Lord, where were You brought up? Who taught You?”

Many men who have sexual experience, have long understood that even with the most beautiful girl that has no mind, no soul, it is impossible to communicate more than one or two times. For the entertainment of men often choose the most long-legged, good-looking women. But for living together, for the education of children is not enough. Men need a friend, colleague,

need a source of light energy. Become, my dear, is the source of this energy! What to do for it? It’s very simple: read as

many wise books about success. The authors Napoleon hill, Stephen Covey, Anthony Robinson, Dale Carnegie and many other great sages, philosophers of success, whose books have become Your reference books. Follow the first basic exercise:

a piece of paper write down how You could praise her man, what experiences You could admire, what actions You could be proud of, what words You could give him light energy. Remember, my dear,Your words, sincere words of praise – it ships, the holds of which You transmit the vital energy right into the heart of her man.

After You write down all the words that will be nice, clear Your loved one, learn these words by heart, learn how to use them. Learn how to pass through them all his love, all his faith, all his waiting. And believe me, not just the man, and success coach, psychologist with a great experience that light the wonder never too much, never too much love, not a lot of warmth. Today we all experienced a catastrophic shortage of bright ,warm energy.

Don’t be greedy, give, give, give because You do nothing!

See also on the subject of searching a real life partner:

And here’s Passuk spoke to me softly, touching his lips to my ear so I could hear her. Now that she was no longer afraid of my wrath, she began to pour out the soul in front of me, told me about his love and about many other things, which I had not previously understood. She said: “You’re my husband, Charlie, and I been a good wife. I kindled your fire, preparing food, feeding your dogs, worked as a paddle, paved the way and never complained. I never said that in my father’s tepee was warmer or what we Chilcote was more food. When you talked, I listened. When you ordered, I obeyed. Isn’t it, Charlie.

Academician Angles: “Men don’t want to marry kurashi girls!”

Currently the situation is, unfortunately, not changing in the right direction. Men are becoming like women, and women sometimes act like men. The amazing thing is that no one is happy.

If she listens to the story about your passion for skiing with a specific detachment (this will be immediately felt by dryness of the responses and the length of pauses in the conversation), it means to get acquainted with you she really wants. My advice is to politely with her to say goodbye and find another, which has the message about your skis immediately eyes light up. And your life will miraculously change .

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