First date.

The phone will record and want will order tomorrow,

The restaurant dinner for two;

– “Leaving? With mom?”

“No, with her husband. ”

/Sergei Nagovitsyn “Meeting”/

Better you then forgive than it is now will not notice.

/Murphy’s law/

In this article I would like to consider the underlying issues of this event. You can use your own discretion, teachers, I’m not asking for it. Understand, in this case, as such standards do not exist, but to bring a first date to the “ideal”. Observe basic rules, which will be described below, at the minimum, you will leave a good impression.

I would like to emphasize that all the information below will apply to the case of exploring through the newspaper. Though some points suitable for any other acquaintance.

You feel insecure before a date? How to make a good impression? And anyway, what can you say? Do you have the juice for an hour of interesting communication? Calm down and read on.

If you think that a first date (or just a meeting, but then I’ll use “date”, and you really understand that word what you want) this is the final stage of exploring through the newspaper, you are mistaken. The fact that you have paid a bit of attention doesn’t mean anything in terms of building long-term relationships. At this stage and tear the thin line between virtual communication (phone, emails, SMSes) and real. And often the gap is fatal. ‘re not seeing the interlocutor is the easiest way to mislead yourself. Therefore it is very important get prepared for a possible disappointment. Nice to talk to a girl describing herself (often quite sincerely!) “skinny and pretty” – may at a meeting of the thick and ugly. You can get and other inconsistencies: the student of College can be like a street. (well, you get my point), and Vice versa.

So, before the first date there are three main issues:

1. How to get a date?

2. Where to spend it?

3. What you need to talk?

Now more about each of them.

How to get a date? Very simple phone call. Especially when meeting through the newspaper is still the only form of communication with applicants. Call and offer specific place and time. Not only need to provide the other party the right to choose, otherwise the conversation will last long. If the person clearly can’t decide if you call back another time.

Where to meet? But there is a caveat. Each other you’ve ever seen, so you should choose such a place where not too crowded. Why not too crowded – because when large crowds are once again twitch “she’s not her?”. Moreover, the place should meet the following requirements: it must know both of you, plus this place must be special. Ideal – sites, free-standing benches, inputs-outputs in any institution. I think everything is clear. Also in a telephone conversation should describe how you will be dressed in order to be correctly identified. But it is not suitable to you – and will flit away your happiness to another.

Note: in my practice have this happen is a girl going on a date dressed quite differently than described. For what? But in order to just twirl around me, to consider how – and to leave with impunity. Mean, you say! I agree. But in order to avoid this you need to set up a meeting in a very deserted place (within reason) and b) to agree in advance about the cultural separation, if you do not like. With the help of these simple measures, you can prevent this Scam.

You should not just pull out, as moral support, friends and girlfriends. Otherwise, what is the date? And do not laugh, in my experience, this happened more than once, when a girl came with a friend (or two).

Proceed to the second paragraph: where can I date? And here everything depends on your imagination. Ideally, this should be the place where you should feel most comfortable and confident. For the slow-witted will outline a few places:

Walks. Perfectly suitable for this case: Park lake (I especially recommend in the evening illuminations of the Saint Nicholas Cathedral and the lights near the lake reflecting on the water create a truly romantic setting), the City Park of culture and rest, embankment of the Dnieper.

Shops. In a few hours, the level of knowledge in women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, and General fashion you have to rise dramatically. It is only necessary to properly arrange Hiking. You can even think of anything to buy.

Movie. When nothing else comes to mind is not, a good film will come in handy.

Museums and exhibitions. Wax figures, photographs, paintings, cats, dogs. One has only to look at the posters – and some memorable dates provided. However in our city, like so often happens. However, why not take the opportunity.

Theatre. How many performances and other smart view shows the city Palace of culture for the season? What dates will suffice. And how many people will be surprise then knowledge of this matter?

Holidays. The day of the city, concerts, etc.), Look at the newspaper and billboards.

And so on. And the beauty of all these places is that it’s neutral territory. This is just what you need, for as yet neutral relations.

It should be noted one more thing – not worth it for a first date to choose these places: bars, restaurants, cafes. And here’s why. Firstly, there is need to spend money. To me personally this is not an option – after all, she is not yet my darling. And then what’s the point to drag the first counter in the cafe. And don’t think that you will make an impression if you take the girl in the cafe, and even at your own expense. But if you underground millionaire – that this Council doesn’t concern you. Secondly, if a lot of contenders, even going with each of them the cheapest cafe will cost you a tidy sum. Thirdly: in my personal opinion the novel, in its classical definition, 80% consists of communication. And how can you properly communicate in a cramped, smoky room, and even under the roar of the music? Yes, and the views of outsiders will only hinder and confuse.

Note: if assigning a date you hear – “And what bar (cafe, club, cinema, etc.) shall we go?” or tested the soil on the subject “what kind of car do you drive?” “How much you make?” – better to just put the phone down. Most likely the interviewer wants entertainment at your expense or is financially troubled. With no serious relationships discussed in this case. So if for any reason you have no desire to be someone’s sponsor just cancel the meeting.

Before a date is to think in advance his scheme: where to go, what to do. And not to come up with a stupid question – “Where will we go?”. This maneuver only spoil impression about yourself. In a pinch you can ask: “do You mind if we go in there?” Remember the unwritten rule: you are invited – you and Bancomat.

What can you say? – probably the most popular question after “Who is to blame?” and “What to do”.About everything: about life, about parents, about school, about anything. As a rule, girls – large fan to pull the tongue, so that your business – just listen, occasionally asking questions and sticking minor comments. Could not be easier! But no need to let the conversation to “hang”. After two to five second delay – safely move on to another subject. It happens sometimes that of interlocutor’s words mites will not extend. Not complex and melite language themselves, not forgetting to ask him questions about what he thinks about it, or how he had such-and-such. Remember – your goal on a first date to get to know each other – so don’t be shy, ask! Also you can (and should) tell a couple of jokes. It is advisable to tell fun stories about your life or the lives of your friends or acquaintances. It has been proved that there is always more desire to communicate with someone who is cheerful, strong and happy with your life than with a loser, angry at everyone and everything. Try to show versatily developed person. Try to keep the conversation on any topic, however, you need to know a little about everything. But then I can’t help you.

On the street, when I don’t know what to say, I use the excellent method. Its essence is as follows: what we see and say. For example: I drove the car, immediately the question: “would you like to learn to drive a car?”, next ran the dog – “Do you have any Pets?”. Using this simple technique, you will not be forced to think of something else to talk to.

Finally, think not amiss to recall that to date have decent. Clothing can be any, just clean and without holes. You’re not going out in muddy boots, which were gardening, quilted jacket and unshaven. So it is not necessary to go on a date when you overcome a problem when you’re upset or nervous, even worse. He (or she) will feel your black emotions and take them for their own ends, and your excited state will poison the atmosphere. To conclude on a date don’t forget to thank her (him) for a nice time. And if you felt that person even slightly close it makes sense to hint about the next meeting. If you liked it, then the agreement you will receive. If not – then better the separation is going to happen now than later. Only spend time and nerves. Believe me Colune, because he knows what he’s saying.

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