The structure of seduction principle primary and secondary dates

Let’s once and for all let’s deal with the terminology that is needed for a better understanding of the material, to avoid further confusion. What is seduction? Seduction is the period of courting a girl from the minutes of a meeting before the first sex . After sex, remember, only after sex, start a relationship. I don’t want you as a little naive boy, I thought that if you go on a date with a girl (even if you kiss her, you meet. No! Maybe for you these meetings mean a lot, but we don’t know what goes on in the mind of the girl and whether she’s with someone else who same as you invite her to sit in a cafe”. I can say for sure, only when you sleep with her she will perceive you as the nearest of the men. Until then – you’re one of many.

Very often girls, during the period of courtship (seduction) stopped to chat with a man and he thinks: “How can it be? We were Dating, she confessed to me in feelings and then abruptly “abandoned” me.” No, and no again. Remember: as long as you don’t fuck her, you can consider yourself free, does anyone neobetanin, and in any case do not think that you meet, even if she says she loves you. You’re a grown man, it is not known what will she say after sex. True love – full. What usefulness can be discussed if not having sex? Don’t kid yourself. Once you sleep, you decide which format will continue to communicate: either you will continue to satisfy the sexual instinct (sex relationships only), or you meet (serious relationship).

In this article we will talk about the process of seduction as much detail as possible and describe it. I don’t like the pickup, but the basic things remain the same as in the pickup, and when searching for my only. In the truck there are many patterns of seducing girls. The most convenient and time-tested me algorithm is a model of seduction of Aboud-Width (two modern Russian seducer). Abbreviated, ASH-model.

Conventionally, the seduction can be divided into two stages. The first stage is attraction, i.e. a date with a girl to have physical contact, I called this stage the primary period dates. So you go to first, second, third…etc. a date with the girl until, until you start to touch her and she starts to perceive your arms matter-of-factly. In other words, it allows you to your body. Ideally, you’re already on a first date needs to touch the girl, but she doesn’t always allow it. Most often the reason that she is not allowed to touch her, is that the lady doesn’t trust you and perceives as a stranger, but this I will tell in detail later. So, until she didn’t allow you to your body (touch) – you can consider it a primary stage of Dating (inviting). But how do we know that she is ready to embrace? You must pass the C-test . With-test – this tests the seduction . There are two variations to test. First you put your arms around a girl’s waist, and within a minute don’t move my hand, at this point, can something to tell her, so there was no awkward pauses. If a woman doesn’t strain, no breaks and draws back the hand can assume it passed the test (it allows you to the body). The second option with test: you are sitting on the next date with a girl, during a call you Pat her hand, then gently put her hand on you knee and cover the top of her brush with your palm. Also waiting for one minute. The girl breaks free, relaxed, smiling? So you passed the test. Simply put, the primary purpose of visits is to make the girl made you to the body, to trust you. So you subconsciously placing her right to her and she gives you the good. You don’t want to be her “friend”? Once again, the primary date is not only a first date, it could be second and third, etc. date till you pass the C-test, and starts to touch her. But bear in mind, the longer you wait the moment of physical contact, the more you risk to be different. So try to arrange the situation so that you’re cuddling with a girl on the first or second date. Many people ask: what about French kiss? Use your head: if you sasasasa with her – that means she’s not simply allows you to your body — she wants you! And we smoothly move to the secondary rendezvous. Secondary date – this is the stage of seduction from the moment of physical contact with a girl before, not going to believe — sex. When a girl gets used to your touch, you have to move on – you need to slowly bring her and keep her arousal . Smoothly shift touching on different areas of the body, from the back to the ass, from ass to thighs and so on. But, I want to warn you: be sure to watch for the girl’s reaction as she sees you, whether pleasant touch her and so on. This is called calibration[3]. I don’t recommend you to touch her at all the places on the first date. Girls are creatures who are afraid to seem readily available whores. Therefore, even if she doesn’t want you on the first date, then it has to develop a bad attitude towards you, if you’re searching with his hands all over her body. She will think you only want sex. And the girls, unlike men, don’t feel a pressing need to have sex, but they have an acute need for a reliable partner, who is a long period of time. Good guy she is interested to keep as long as possible. So as not to scare her with his head, I recommend you to start to end the first date with test. Then, starting from the second date to continue the seduction. There is already the very look on the circumstances, when you sleep with her. Secondary objectives dates: 1. to excite a girl, 2. to take her home. 3. To have sex with her.

How to interest a woman and excite her – we’ll discuss in other articles. While you should have an idea about the whole process of seduction and to see them on a large scale. The secondary date is not the second date and they also can be somewhat.

For simplicity – can be divided seduction girl on three dates: one primary and two secondary. (Classic model) For example, you met a girl. On a first date you take her on a photo exhibition, showing off again, interested in her show and tell her about the works, in the process of Dating you first friend touched her shoulder, then looking at the next exhibit, slowly hugging her waist (p-test), at this point, something to tell her. It does not take away your hand within minutes (passed the test). At the end of the exhibition you say goodbye to her, kissing her on the cheek and you go home. A second date, you invite her to sit in a cozy cafe with pleasant live music. Sit with her on the sofa. You have something nice talk, you caress her hand, hug the waist, stroking her thighs, all the while you are tracking how the girl reacts to you (calibrated), if all goes well, she likes your arms, she relaxed, then you continue the offensive. Slowly stroking her hair, Masserberg the back of the head, face closer to her face and kissing her. Farther perfect time to say goodbye, walk her home, kiss on the Hickey goodbye. Then, invite on the third date, for example, in the movie. Choose places for kisses – the last series. Kissing her, stroking her thighs, pens, touching all that it allows. Mauled her Tits and nipples? Handsome. After the session I propose to continue the evening in a more intimate setting, enjoy expensive wine, listen to music. She agrees, calling a cab, or get in your car and take her to his home. They’ve got everything ready, cleaned, romantic atmosphere. And at home all his petting lead to full sex. Something like this, briefly, is the seduction. Everything else – detailed testing of each stage. Of course, girls are different: with someone you can have sex on the first date – go primary, secondary date and arrange for home in one day. Someone you have to spend 5-6 dates. But first, try to stick to the plan of seduction in three dates, and then how it goes. Another useful tip: always put a goal before the meeting . What is the purpose of a first date? To interest a girl and go with the test . Never move into an empty, this is useful not only when dealing with girls, and generally, in life.

ASH-model — the abbreviation of the names of the authors. And — Aboud Teymur, W — Michael Shirin

[2] Fast date is a date, which occurred immediately after meeting. For example, you met a lady and immediately offered to go to the cafe. But still get on the phone after a date, not to lose her forever.

[3] calibration of the girls is a correct perception of the behavior of girls. When you feel her mood and adequately assess her reaction to your advances.

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