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Section: Love and sex In ancient times, sex was an integral part of many religious and magical rites, for example, in Ancient Babylon and Mesopotamia, or the Slavs. Typically, these ceremonies were connected with everyday manifestations of life: fertility, conception and childbirth and others. For example, the ancient Slavs known holiday of Ivan Kupala is traditionally accompanied by mass orgies.

This is explained by very weighty reasons. During sexual intercourse and especially during orgasm, releases massive amounts of energy, raises blood pressure, accelerates the metabolism. The energy released and

intensifying sexual center of the human in the moment of sexual intercourse is a powerful force, which is believed to you can manage to achieve anything. Strong sexual arousal is the impetus for the awakening of this force. Thus, concentrating and directing sexual energy during sex, people having knowledge of sexual magic, can achieve the desired. This practice has long been the prerogative of the various Orders and Lodges, one of which was the Order of the Templars. They are considered the first to use some aspects of this magic. It is also assumed that if during orgasm to make a wish it will come true.

And in order to master this art, does not necessarily have a unique gift. Any woman can learn to use the power, inherent nature of sexuality. One aspect of this impact is the art of beguiling, and that in itself is part of the magic skill, which can take many forms, ranging from simple naseleniya spell to more exotic ways. In the end, what love is, not as a magical charm?

However, it is believed that certain rituals can affect the quality of sex and relationships. Great value these rituals pays, for example, the ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui.

Love according to the rules of Feng Shui.

If you wait for love, and its all there, there are some simple secrets of Feng Shui that will help bring order to your personal life. To apply them it is necessary as in the bedroom in the main area of relationships, and in the sector of the love relationship of your house to attract the energy of love. How to find the sector of love? Go from the main entrance into the house or apartment and turn right. Here is the sector of love and sex.

If you’re alone in your bedroom and want to change this situation, then remove from the bedroom all that reminds you of a past loved one and about the work. The bed should stand so that it can be approached from two sides.

What to remove from the zone of love:

Things left over from previous novels . You can remove the unwanted past: throw all your old love letters, trinkets, gifts from former lovers and lost between the pages of a book pressed flower in memory of first love. It is easy to guess that items reminiscent of a former love, can be for new feelings is harmful. After all, after parting with a loved one so it is important to clear the way for revival.

Everything that is associated with loneliness. For example, do not put in a vase for a single flower. If the bedroom is your portrait, it is not desirable that it was a picture of only you. Quick results in finding a life partner can be achieved by removing away all the photos and paintings where there is a picture of one woman. If you have an expensive portrait of myself – better give it to a friend or family member. Single women in the house attract the energy of loneliness.

Excess feminine energy: If your house or your room is full of bottles with cosmetics and hung lace curtains, the man will be scared to even sit down without trembling among all these ladies ‘ stuff. Get rid of them and add a little more masculine touches.

Distractions: Put away all that distracts from the actual romantic relationships – trainers, documents from work, computer, and TV. Naturally, not worth it to just throw them out of the house, just remove them from the zone of love.

Pointy things: Sharp corners in this area of the house hold of people who came to visit you, wary. Get rid of cactus.

Space. If your bed’s nightstand, and all the free space in the room scored your things, it seems that you prefer to live alone. Create space for love energy. Empty space should remain on the shelves bathroom, cabinets and tables. In your chest there are no available boxes – so for a new person in your life yet.

A pair of objects . It is desirable that some items in your bedroom were paired: two bedside tables, two bedside lamp on them, or, say, two candles on the shelf of the mirror. Unpaired subjects seemed to hint at the bachelor life of the owner of the room … and support her. You don’t need two light and two bedside tables? It just yet! Should be done with a single vase, and even with the picture, which is drawn by one person – why not change it to a picture of the happy couple with children?

Round objects or objects with a rounded shape. The subjects of this form represent the curves of a human body, they are well placed in the area of love relationships, closer to the bed.

After these manipulations, you can get an offer of marriage from the most inveterate bachelor.

If you have already found life partner, but want to fix or improve your love relationship, you too can benefit from the advice of Feng Shui.

If you or your partner is not enough passion in a sexual relationship, add to the interior of the red objects . In Feng Shui, this color symbolizes love. The red objects you love maintaining sufficient energy. Buy red underwear. You can decorate the entire bedroom in red. If the red seems too bright, use a pink or peach.

Be very careful with the colors that are in the bedroom. Flowers in the bedroom mean in the lives of many women, just like old times, when one man had many wives and concubines. Do not agree to hang in the bedroom paintings with flowers, or so-called artistic images of naked women. If your husband insists on it, hang these paintings in your office or another part of the house, but not in the bedroom.

Even less desirable than the presence of flowers is the presence of mirrors, which reflect the marriage bed. The mirror is quite magical item that can reflect negative energy and strengthen it! Mirrors (or any reflective surfaces like TV screens), facing the bed, lead to the fact that third parties create problems between spouses and can break up couples for a while. This does not necessarily mean divorce or separation as a break in the marriage relationship. Separation can occur because of business or service obligations. If you don’t want your spouse is often away on business trips, and want to make sure that your marriage is endangered by a pretty young lady, set their sights on your husband, remove all the mirrors, turned right on your bed. If the mirror in your bedroom does not reflect the bed, it does not create problems. Therefore, mirrors are placed on the same wall as the headboard, acceptable from the point of view of Feng Shui.

To strengthen relationships and avoid misunderstandings it is necessary that the bed in the bedroom was one. Separate beds symbolically divide people sleeping together. In this case it is better to sleep in different rooms than the next, but on separate mattresses.

It is desirable that the bed was back – it symbolizes the protection of the senses from external intrusion. But from its form affects your sleep and intimate battles that unfold on a bed of love. The most successful are semicircular and oval backs – they are under the influence of the metal element – the intimate life of the couple will be rich and varied, and the family budget will improve. Triangular headboard (element of fire) brings the maximum passion in the relationship. Sex on fire bed will be bright and unforgettable, but restless sleep. Besides the fire provokes fits of jealousy. So what bed is right for love, and sleep-to rest better in another place. For example, fluffy and soft water bed with wavy headboard. She, in contrast to fire, will allow you to sleep well, and love life under its influence becomes softer, but…boring, like “stagnates”, pushes spouse to cheating.

If your relationship with a loved Dali crack, urgently remove things from the bedroom, banishing malicious energy: dirty Laundry scattered personal belongings, clothing, toys, business papers.

Maybe you were in a situation where your love life in order, and yet, you and your spouse don’t talk much and away from each other. This is a worrying sign. How well are you not in bed, you need to communicate, the proximity of a plan. For such a case the Feng Shui recommends that yellow color in the area of marriage the entire house and bedrooms . Yellow symbolizes communication. Using this technique, you are pleased to discover that there is more time to spend together.

But keep in mind, Feng Shui is not magic, and if you have any problems, sit down and try to discuss them. Feng Shui can help you to cope with difficulties, but he will not do it without your participation. The desire to talk about the difficulties is a sign that you want to save your relationship. If you both love, with the help of Feng Shui can make your relationship better than they were before.


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