Long distance relationships – is it possible


I’m sure the majority of couples on the planet Earth had to be at a distance from each other, without ceasing to keep the tenderness and awe, hearing the beloved voice on the other end, or Vice versa lose interest and past the fuse to the second half.

Someone has to wait a week or two, some a month, and someone and at all the whole year does not Shine to see. And here comes the main question – “will you wait for me, only love me and think only of me when I’m gone? Will the love is as strong at a distance or crack, which will share the same loving heart in two halves?” Yes, this is a very interesting question, because all

people are different, the causes of their separation and also different situations in which pairs are, cannot be called identical.

I wanted to consider different points of view, so I interviewed several girls who have kindly agreed to share with me their experiences and thoughts.

I think long distance relationships are possible, but for those couples who already live together in a civil or a registered marriage. When people travel in different directions, leaving on business trips, to distant relatives, and maybe a permanent job, but with clear reservations on time “When will you be back?”, then waiting, dreaming of a long-awaited meeting and these meetings, as a rule, after such a violent expectations are always bright and without recriminations and resentment. And I want to keep this good mood, because then Life with his daily soup is not so terrible.

When I returned home, I realized that all this time I’ve missed him

But when one partner moves to another city or country with the words “I will come to you and you to me”, even if you cherish this person, near you comfortable, you have a full understanding, passion, in short, love, we, unfortunately, time and distance are killing these relationships.

Personally, I had a short separation from my husband, and when I returned home, I realized that all this time I missed him.

But my mom broke up a very good relationship with a man because of the great distances and long intervals between meetings. But she saved it with warm memories.

Actually quite difficult to assess a situation not encountered in life. But, despite the fact that I didn’t have a long-distance relationship, I try to reflect on this topic. In my opinion, this kind of relationship is short-lived and really alienate people from each other. The lack of normal communication, such inherent factors like a walk in the Park, trips to the coffee shop and cinema and, finally, stable physical contact negatively affect the relationship. Of course, science does not stand still and in our time there are a number of technologies that help you communicate even thousands of miles away. But nothing can replace real communication with people. Especially if this is your guy. Of course, everyone is different, each pair has its own concepts and principles and everyone chooses what’s best for him.

In my experience I want to say that this is a very controversial issue. When one goes to not for a long period in another country, on the one hand, it positively affects the relationship, because people have time to rethink some points, boring each other. I think that at a distance you can really understand you love this man or not and how much you care for him. But there is another side to the coin. Frequent patrols of one of the partners can annoy another, creating scandals, quarrels, misunderstanding grows with each passing minute. Girls are often jealous of their guys and think they they change. Because of this, ladies start to call every 5 minutes, which in turn often exasperated our men. In General it depends on the couple.

At the moment I returned to my hometown for two months I am here. My boyfriend hears me on the phone. To be honest, keep calm, love, romance very difficult. We are incredibly miss each other and sometimes because of some trivial things quarrel, but I am lucky that he is sympathetic to this circumstance, although rarely outraged. But he’s already resigned to the fact that I often have to go to your family for a while.

To give a definite answer to this question is quite difficult. I had the experience of long-distance relationship, namely the trip my husband on business trips. Yes the reason I say was? This experience I have now. Say the phrase “Time heals”, although it is more applicable to the breakup and broken heart, but in my situation, this phrase means that I’m used to constant traveling my husband and I treat this as ordinary weekdays.

But from the beginning it was unbearable. Understand one thing, when exactly do you leave in other country’s Affairs on a business trip. You are, of course, miss their loved ones, but often you just don’t have time to dwell on it. You’re immersed in work, you meet new people, visit interesting places. Your life is in turmoil. Now let’s think about the man who stays at home, circle of friends remains the same, the apartment remains the same, the overall situation does not change. I’m talking about myself.

We had a quarrel on this ground, the husband was angry that I suspected of cheating

At first I was jealous of her husband, I thought about what it specifically at this moment engaged in beyond the horizon, maybe his interesting life precludes my participation in it. We had a quarrel on this ground, the husband was angry that I suspect that he’s cheating, he was tired of making excuses about what was not in my thoughts. And I realized I ruin so carefully built house of happiness. I decided that I needed to change something, enough to be a housewife and to sit by the window. I found a job, went to work out at the gym. What? And I also had an interesting life, I became more self-reliant and independent woman. I’m more confident and sometimes make fun of my husband – “look at You, and then while you’re on mission, you know, how many suitors I was trying to steal?”. I encourage anyone who is currently away from his beloved, remember the good cases, smiles, kisses, in the heart of the newly established warm and a universal feeling of love.

The opinion of the author

You know, I’m also no stranger to the feeling of confusion and sadness, when there is no beloved. When my young man was published into the army, we dated for 3 years. Before that we saw each other almost every day, talked for hours on the phone and shared everything that happened during the day. Once it is clear that in the army to talk on the phone has been extremely rare, about meetings even once a week could forget, and a meeting at the checkpoint for half an hour, it was probably difficult to call a normal date, because to visit the soldier came not only I, but also his parents, friends, i.e. the tête-à-tête was impossible. In this period I went to University and studied in the first year. I changed to a considerable extent almost all (circle of acquaintances, schedule, Hobbies), but my affection and love to that person.

The situation showed the true attitude to each other, strength and loyalty, and even more importantly – trust

I took those 9 months that my boyfriend spent in the army, as something necessary and integral. And frankly, I’m glad it did. Was it easy? No, it wasn’t. But the situation has shown true respect for each other, strength and loyalty, and even more importantly – trust. On trust are built the strongest relationships. Without trust, I think, you should not try to make something, sooner or later, the illusion of so-called “happiness” will collapse like a house of cards after the first blow of the wind.

My advice is always ostavitsya honest with yourself . If You understand that Your feelings fade away, You lack the warmth and care, You started to be attracted to another man, just tell us about it. Perhaps the relationship can still be saved. Don’t be afraid to talk and discuss their concerns, problems, or loved one may not know about Your experiences and repressed feelings.

I will be very grateful if after reading my article, You’ll find something to tell about yourself. Write comments and we’ll try to answer the eternal question about long distance relationships, because it is in a dispute born truth.

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