The Church of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul

Sheet to prepare for confession

Simple rules for confession

Confession, especially if it is associated with fasting, alms, fervent prayer, restores the person to the state that was Adam before the fall.

Confession can be in any environment, but is generally accepted confession in the Church — during worship or in a specially appointed priest. Ispoveduyuschaya should be baptized, a member of the Orthodox Church, recognizing all the basics of Orthodox dogma and repentant of their sins.

In preparation for the confession of the Church’s Charter does not require any special post nor special prayer rule — it takes faith and repentance. However, it is recommended to read the penitential prayers, the possible and post.

The penitent must confess his sins. Need to show a General awareness of their sinfulness, particularly highlighting the inherent passions and infirmities (for example: lack of faith, greed, anger, and the like); and to name the specific sins that he himself sees, and especially those who are most burdened conscience.


(think: do not burden you those sins)

1. Refobject: Gluttony, drunkenness, failure to store, and resolution posts, LineageII, delicacy, generally a violation of abstinence. Incorrect and excessive love of the flesh, her belly and rest, from which compiled the ego, which is the day of loyalty to God, the Church, the goodthe details and people.

2. Fornication: the Prodigal razzhzheniye prodigal sensation and position of the soul and heart ofCA. The adoption of impure thoughts, talk with them, relish them, pleasure them, to return them. Prodigal dreams and captivity. Notstorage of the senses, especially the sense of touch, what audacity, to destroy the promise of all virtues. Swearing and voluptuous reading books. The sins of the prodigal natural: fornication and adultery. The sins of the prodigal unnatural.

3. The love of money: the Love of money, actually the love of movable property and notmovable. The desire to get rich. Thinking about to the ofgamenew. Dream about wealth. The fear of old age, accidental norpoverty, sickness, exile. Avarice. Greed. Unbelief in God, lack of faith in His Providence. Addiction or painful, theextra love for different perishable items, depriving the soul of itsbaud. The passion for worldly concerns. Lublinie gifts. Whensweenie someone else. The vengeance. Hardness of heart to the poor brethren and to all those in need. Theft. Robbery.

4. Anger: Temper, the adoption of angry thoughts: a dream of anger andvengeance, indignation hearts with rage possessed her mind; nona good cry, argument, abusive, cruel and cutting words, accent, pushing, murder. The rancour, hatred, enmity, revenge, slander, condemnation, indignation and resentment of the middle.

5. Sadness: Grief, sorrow, cutting off hope in God, doubt in abeta-quirements of God, neblagodarnye God for everything that happens, malouchiyah, impatience, nespokoinye, sorrow on the passing, the grumbling, the renunciation of the cross, attempted to go with him.

6. Depression: Laziness unto every good work, especially to prayer. Leaving Church and home prayers. Abandonment continuousstrange prayers and spiritual reading. Inattention and popesness in prayer. Blindness. Blagogovenie. Idleness. Over voltage protectionher calm sleeping, lying and bodily comforts. Perehodetion from place to place. Frequent exits from the cell, walking and visiting friends. The verbiage. Jokes. Koshchuny. Leaving bows and Prosneeze bodily feats. Oblivion sins. Forgetfulness of Christ’s commandments. The negligence. Captivity. Loss of the fear of God. Agastachetion. Indifference. Despair.

7. Vanity: Seeking the glory of man. Boasting. Desire and seeking after earthly and vain honors. Love of beautiful clothing, carriages, servants, and publish things. Attention to the beauty of your face, pleasantness of voice and other qualities of the body. The location for the lost Sciences and arts of this century, the search time for acquiring antion of the temporary, earthly glory. Shame to confess their sins. Sacriment to the people and a spiritual father. Slyness. The self-justification. Precisava. Compiling your mind. Hypocrisy. Lie. Flattery. Chelovekoveda. Envy. The humiliation of the middle. Moral relativism. Indulgence. The dishonesty. The temper and life of the devils.

8. Pride: Contempt for others. Preference themselves with all. Impertinence. Omrathe radiation excesses of the mind and heart. Exclusive reliance on earthly things. The hula. Unbelief. False intellect. Disobedience to the Law of God and the Church. Imposing of one’s own will. The reading of heretical books, timegate and vain. Disobedience to the authorities. Stinging namestnichestvo. Leaving histopathology of humility and silence. The loss of simplicity. The loss of the love of God and neighbor. False philosophy. The heresy. Godlessness. Ignorance. The death of the soul. SVT. Ignatius (Bryanchaninov)

A brief list of sins.

You need to repent for the sins committed by deed, in word, in thought.

Remember the sins for the time elapsed since the last confession, or, if you have never been to confession, for the time elapsed after the baptism.

If you were baptized in infancy, try to remember years from six.

“every Minute” and give details to remember and talk about. Suffice it to say that such-and-such a sin, one way or another, happened in my life. In deed, in word, in thought.

In confession it is not justified, and only repent.

Isovalues, try to talk business without being distracted by extraneous issues.

Not to conceal sins. This makes the confession is not valid and doubles the severity of sin on the soul. Don’t try “to quickly get rid of” saying, “Sinners in everything!”. Need to figure out what exactly to discover his or her spiritual illnesses – the causes of life’s problems, and consciously begin their healing. Post, in the sense of eating, before confession is not mandatory.

If you have already confessed some sin and he did not commit, should not be repeated.

It is a sin to continue to worry about what you have already repented in confession. This is a manifestation of little faith. Unbelief, lack of faith, doubts the existence of God, the truth of the Orthodox faith. Not keeping the Law of God. Resentment against God. The insult to God, the blessed virgin, the saints, the Holy Church. The mention of God’s Name in vain, without reverence. The condemnation of the clergy. Caring only about the earthly life. Failure to comply with the rules of prayer, fasting and other religious institutions. Attending the temple. Necromania children. Parenting outside the Orthodox faith. The failure of the promises of God. Work on Sunday and in the days of the big Church holidays. The refusal of the prayer of help to others. The living and the dead. Neproshenyi or rare introduction to the sacraments of penance, communion, extreme unction. The absence of Christian love. The lack of good deeds. Failure to provide all possible help to the Church. The criminal offences. Homicide, abortion. Attempted murder or suicide. Pride. Condemnation. Resentment, no desire to reconcile, to forgive. The rancor. Envy. Anger, hatred. The lies, the deceit. Backbiting, gossip. Cussing, swearing. The infliction of harm. Insult, causing of offence. The failure of parental duty. The dereliction of duty to the parents of Any faith.

The absence of mercy, failure to render aid to those in need.

– Greed, greed, greed, bribery.

The extravagance.

Misperceptions about life, spread his lies. Seduction on any sin. The inclusion, in any form, to the misconceptions and false teachings:

different philosophical systems; schisms, heresies and sects in Christianity;

other beliefs — Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and their branches;

about. sects of Satanism, Dianetics (Scientology), the Mormons, the Jehovah’s witnesses, yoga, meditation, etc. “Wellness” system, a false direction in psychology and

– Superstition. Belief in omens, interpretation of dreams, the observance of pagan rites and holidays.

Entry into direct communication with the evil spirit. Divination, witchcraft, incantations, omens, magic.

Any games and activities with cards.

Alcoholism, drug addiction, Smoking. Fornication. (Satisfaction of sexual needs illegally, that is, outside of marriage or in the perverted form.) The nonconservation of marriage. Divorce. Discouragement, sadness. Gluttony. Laziness. The self-justification. Unwillingness to work for their salvation.

After confession: I have sinned(a), the word, in thought, in all senses of soul and body. Not to mention all of my sins, the multitude of them. But in all their sins, as expressed in and forgotten I am sorry.

God! Merciful to me a sinner (sinner)

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