Lay surely tactics and strategy


“Are you interested in women? So you got no chance!”, — says the proud consciousness of the importance of their duty to humanity (or rather, its male half) home page of the site, offering seminars on seduction. In addition to this, we can say that wisdom with a focus on PR in the spirit of modernity, set out on the page and other eternal values. Such as: “There is no wisdom. There is only power male power”. Or that, in the style of Japanese verse:

The world is full of girls strangers

Beautiful, isn’t it? Rare lady don’t fall victim to such doggerel. However, if poetry has left her heart cold as ice, organizatorov similar military exercises in peacetime there are other ways to put a naughty beauty. In bed or a pile of conquered evil genius skill of seduction earlier.

The meaning of such seminars is to, I quote, “to teach the seduction of women.” Judging by the contents of core sites, to seduce women learn still men. And, of course, not for the beauty of the process itself (how could think of some prude), and for each participant of the seminar, I, again, quote, “could get as much sex as he wants”. Target, agree, unusually lofty, never selfish and taking into account the pleasure of a woman, not to mention her feelings. It is nice that all upomyanutye heavenly gifts according to the beliefs of the announcements of seminars – “the only question the effort and resources”. The latter is particularly pleases the soul: so in men still remained human, and they try to play fair, offering some other benefits. Almost kind exchange. The organizers of such training (and, in particular, the training RMAs) solid promise (in all senses of the word) is the result, not someday, but today. And not somehow, and “fast and fun”. Today you will have sex, comrades! Not as usual, but with an alive woman. Wow, as would say our overseas friends… There is reason to think.

Modern seduction guru call themselves good guys who learned a lot and got up to a lot on your mind (I’m not making this up, so really written in one of the sites they have created!). And (my favorite definition!) – “real people, with real experience of living men”. The Bible Nouveau macho is the book of Philip Bogacheva “Russian Model of Effective Seduction” tactic of training in which practice promises (but does not specify to whom) and “there are no magic pills, putting under the tongue which will immediately get everything he wanted”. Them again I will resort to shameful for an experienced journalist practice, direct quoting, “they ate them all”.

In fairness, it should be noted that the art of seduction is not in place. It develops, adapts to different situations and according to them, generates new ways of defeating the enemy. For example, the party people-the losers (i.e., in professional language, beginners) are encouraged to diversify their sexual life in the following way. After reading such manuscripts I’m completely disappointed in my ability to write, so just give advice guru (in a concise form and with some gaps, so forgive me gentlemen readers). I tried very hard not to comment on what they read, but the places where I especially did not succeed in italics (italics is so, because the mental abilities of the masses, let’s call it that, I’m as disappointed). So:

“This model is aimed specifically at girls eat at the club. It is simple and does not require any special skills. Pros: very high efficiency through a filter out; environmentally friendly (this one I especially nice); it takes little time. Cons: only select from those who more or less wants; there is almost no possibility of prozyme; a little boring.

Step one. Attitude.

You’re in the club. You don’t run around the club and not pinching all the girls butts. You just for a while quietly standing somewhere in a busy place (usually between the toilet and the dance floor) and on the manner of the guard (Oh Yes, it is the way the guard captivates everyone without exception!) politely say to all the girls simple phrase: «Hello», «Good evening», «looking good»,»Cool blouse» etc.

Step two. The yield on the dance floor.

In this model, to dance for removal is not recommended. The most important — “the tactics of the three circles.” Myth — you’re looking for lost friends/friend among the people on the dance floor.

The first circle on the dance floor. Imagine that you kind of saw what he sought, but in the way you have is a girl and you go around it, slightly touching the shoulder or back. In your intimate areas are not pushy. And look to the side «friend», in any case not in the eyes of the girl, watching it in his peripheral vision.

Results: cut off girls with guys; girls are determined that you personally, well, very unpleasant. Know that they are wasting time — a more expensive (yeah, we have a collision with reality is still not excluded).

The second circle on the dance floor. Go on the same circle, but operate only with «remaining» girls: on a second look you in the eye, then again allot (on the object, the angle to the object). Touch, a little stroking, again in intimate areas is persistently not climb (interestingly, to pry into the intimate zone is not particularly aggressively – it’s like?). Smiling or winking (and wave ripped off!). All three of these actions fit into two and a half seconds, then again to ignore and «find».

Results: finally determined girls who clearly like; cut off girls «pseudo-guys» (Oh my God! Scary to even imagine what it’s for “girls”!)

The third circle on the dance floor. Eat. Just come to the remaining girls (cheaper by the dozen?), knowing that they want to communicate, they don’t have boys and they like you (well, well). Act confident and calm. She wants you! (Only on the basis of the above factors?!)”.

That’s it! Simple, efficient, sexually satisfactory. The theory of this outstanding in all respects art  told novel “Adelante” Range, coach project RMAs (Russian model of effective seduction). Undoubtedly, the man’s Man, who nobly did not consider the seduced women, not like a lot of alcohol, sex in awkward places and friends of the girls, because most often they turn out to be a shrew (even so is able to charm them — obviously, for the company). In practice, which never had any refusals to leave the club (Yes there is, the club, any place on this small planet!), in favor of a romantic walk along the promenade or (!) port. Of course, in his Novel, accompanied by. But it has happened several times that a non-binding, ensuing in the club relations, developed into the most serious. Leaving aside the question of the age and marital status of the Novel (as well as about the legality of such a provision in our mainly Orthodox country), refer to the fundamentals of effective seduction Russian.

Geometria: so, let’s start with the most important: what is your idea of seduction?

Roman Range: For me there are two options: one is when for some personal or socially-imposed reasons a person wants to seduce someone. Another option – the fellowship of boys with girls for mutual pleasure. Closer, probably, still the second option.

G: And how many women have you seduced, before I realized that I could teach it to others?

R. R.: to be Honest, still not believed.

G: Club seduction, seduction in the bars… How professionals like you classify such “socializing boys and girls for mutual pleasure”?

R. R.: Yes, by and large, the dynamics are the same. Differences in the social norms that are at the club other than the rules of conduct that exist in the daytime on the street. That build all sorts of games.

G: On your vzgâl why girls go to the clubs?

R. R.: Yes, in many ways. I think sometimes just drink, sit and dance. But, of course, to hang out with boys and stuff.

G: the Latter simplifies the process of seduction, isn’t it?

R. R.: Of Course. When two people want the same thing, they will get it from each other.

G: Imagine a situation: you screw a girl who came to the club with three friends. These same friends don’t want to let her go under any circumstances. Your actions? How to get this girl out of the club?

G: Next. Where it is best to keep a girl once you were outside the nightclub?

R. R.: Yes wherever you want. On the promenade you can. Romance, all the garbage. While in port.

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