How and where to caress the signs of the Zodiac Erogenous zones Zodiac signs


Every woman . whose bed have visited a few men will confirm that lovers born under different Zodiac signs have different reactions to affection and tenderness. For example, even a light touch of female fingers to the genitals sophisticated Scorpio turns it into a real volcano, and to excite a romantic representative of the sign of Libra and tender Fish need to try very hard. Of course, every man is a womanizer knows how and where to caress a woman, born under different signs of the Zodiac. But those who don’t have much sexual experience, I advise you to bring your favorite, where their erogenous zones.

1. Aries . Both men and Aries women love when their gentle Pat on the head, playing hair. The most sensitive areas of the Rams, head, face and ears. Caressing their Aries you can bring to ecstasy. Biting her lips, earlobes and kissing the eyes of Aries, you will understand how all this makes him a nice back spasms. In bed Aries is a party fighting the battle and it was going to win. To get a discharge from sex, it can specifically will glow the atmosphere. Trivial quarrel may serve to encourage it to start your intimate pleasures. Women Aries are crazy about kissing bearded men. The soft tingling of the face of men’s hair give them incredible sensations of pleasure.

2. Taurus . If you had to care for the calf, then you probably know how these animals love to pull the head forward and bliss close your eyes when you stroke them by the neck. And with the Calves, the highest enjoyment they get when they do massage the neck and throat. Start gently stroking the Calf his fingers at the base of the head, then change to kissing her neck.

Passionate kisses and light bites to the neck incredibly ignite Taurus. But quick reactions from the representatives of this sign should not wait, they like to make love slowly and pridavas long preludes. If your goal is to seduce Taurus, then ask them to tie a tie. In the case of his consent, you will have a great opportunity to lightly touch his throat and gently Pat his neck with your fingers. After a few minutes you will feel like Taurus trembles with pleasure and desire to be with you in one bed.

3. Gemini . Representatives of this sign are very inquisitive, they are interested in everything new. Any experiments of favorite gives the Twins a strong impression and provokes ecstatic shiver. All the Twins, regardless of gender, respond well to kissing hands. Gently run your fingers over his hand, gently caress her fingertips and palm. Kissing the inner side of the hands, each finger, sucking can cause the Twin purpose around the spine. As an experiment, try to hold the tongue on the inner side of the hands of the Twins, first to the elbow, and then to the armpit. These weasels will give him the highest pleasure and will cause him to reciprocate.

4. Cancer . Cancerians are very sensitive and vulnerable, therefore, to show them the tricks of the Kama Sutra should not be. Be with them gentle and affectionate, they say many words about love. They need it so they get excited. Cancers can have an orgasm during a passionate kiss, but the greatest pleasure they receive when they gently caress breast. Fondling the breast and nipple biting cause Cancers strong sexual attraction.

Surrendering to love, Cancerians like to kiss long and passionately, using not only the lips, but his teeth and tongue. If you wish to seduce a Cancer man, don’t miss the moment when he would strip to the waist. Casually fingers touch his chest, and you’ll notice how the hair on his body stood on end”, which suggests that he wants you to continued to caress his body, in the same place without stopping.

5. Lev . The king of beasts, the lion will not wait, when you finally realize where his erogenous zones. He would lie on her stomach and asks you to massage his back. This is the feline nature of a Lion, he likes when you’re scratching, stroking and massaging his back. Whatever you did with the back of a Lion, all would have to taste it. Kiss him back, gently stroking along the spine and lightly scratched by fingernails. But if you put a Lion in bath and RUB his back until, until his skin gets red, but even in this case passionately to his kiss, biting his lower lip, then this proud predator forever losing my head from love and passion to you.

6. Virgo . Spinster in comparison with other Zodiac signs can be quite cold, and therefore to bring it to the temptation to taste the forbidden fruit”. To melt the external coldness of the virgin. kiss her first on the cheek. Virgo love when they kiss in the face. But don’t forget to brush your teeth and take care of the freshness of your breath. Virgin obsessed with cleanliness, so they only completely relax under the shower. Deva like when a jet of water from the shower hits her in the stomach and in the groin area.

Excite stroking her body from the crotch to the chest with a sponge, soap and warm water. To seduce a Virgo man, hug him from behind and slide your fingernail on his stomach in front. It will cause him a strong desire, and you only need to invite him into the bathroom, turn on aromalamp and soft music. Very soon you will be surprised to find for the outer cold shell of the Virgo passionate and fiery nature.

7. Libra . A distinctive feature of physique Weights – rounded and attractive buttocks. This is the most potent erogenous zone Weights. If you want to delight a man sign Libra we learn to dance Striptease. Libra loves to lay on silk sheets, drinking expensive wine and enjoy the beautiful buttocks. If in intimate moments you will begin to massage their lower back, then the balance will take Supreme pleasure. Libra woman is excited by a playful pinching, patting and stroking the buttocks. Many Libra respond positively to spanking with a whip and a sharp slaps with his palm in a soft spot during lovemaking.

8. Scorpio . Be careful, if you accidentally find yourself on the beach next to the man with the Scorpion walkers in tight swimming trunks. Even the touch heats tissues to the genitals Scorpio can be very excited. Nothing in the world is so much fun Scorpio, like a gentle touch of woman’s hands, lips or tongue to the head of his penis. Woman Scorpio strongly excited by gentle touching her clitoris. Any manipulation of the genitals makes Scorpions in the volcano of passion, and they can be excited even from the touch of the legs to the genitals when they are crossing.

9. Sagittarius . Women and men of this sign erogenous zones are located in different parts of the body. Female Archer will purr like a kitten, if you’ll comb her hair and stroked her on the head. Any manipulation of the hair can make Sagittarius female dormant passions. But in order to excite a man-Sagittarius need to caress the inner part of his thigh, from the groin to the knee. A gentle massage with aromatic oils, kisses and touch a language from the knee to the crotch will panic him and make you forget about everything.

10. Capricorn . Go to bed with anyone Capricorn will not. He must be sure that his partner is really worthy of his confidence. So do not expect that after the first date Capricorn to agree to have sex with you. You have to care for a Capricorn and slowly bring it to the idea that a better lover than you are, he won’t find. After this, Capricorn will show you what hurricane force can have his passion. Erogenous zones female Capricorn – the navel and knee bend, and a man-Capricorn maddening caresses and stroking belly, chest, face and groin. Capricorns of any gender strongly excited by the massage of the back and slow circular movements of the tongue around of each vertebra.

11. Aquarius . Any pose, during which you touch the calves of the legs and ankles of Aquarius, will cause an immediate reaction from his side. It is in these parts of the lower limbs are erogenous zones for Aquarius. But Aquarians prefer to make love not in bed, and in the water. Prepare a fragrant bath, light the candles and stroke of the foot and Mikolajki of Aquarius, then gently run the language on the calves of the legs. Aquarius can not remain indifferent to such caresses and give you a lot of pleasant sensations.

12. Fish . The sensitive area of the Fish – legs. Foot massage, gentle strokes back and waist incredibly excite the Fish. Men Fish from these weasels become tireless and tender lovers, and a woman Fish easily excited rubbing her legs in the crotch of a partner. Regardless of gender all Fish love heat and water.

Therefore, prior to making love with Fish it is best to find a convenient bathroom, the pool, on the beach or a warm bed next to a large aquarium. In this environment, the excitability of the Fish is so much higher and it will show you where heaven on earth.


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