Causes of male adultery

Today we gain the courage to talk about what is considered to gloss over, do not say out loud, and if they say something in a whisper and with a bit of venom and negativity – we will talk about the causes of male adultery. Why do men cheat? Change all or just the most loving individuals?

Cheating is a continuous film or a shred of positivity (as it’s not rough and doesn’t sound corny) in the negative is still there?

For starters, what is treason? Betrayal, deception, sexual relationship with another partner, a blow below the belt or can be – a life lesson… Visible reasons for male infidelity, there are plenty – it’s random link on

the background of the outbreak of passion backed up with strong drinks and neckline of a young companion, the conflict in the family on the scale of “forgot to take out the trash” to holiday work, the desire to relax, to prove to others (myself, wife, friends) the presence of gunpowder in the tank, all the same polygamist (classic and wacky skate psychologists), and more.

Every man his own. But these are only the “top view”, a superficial assessment of the situation. But, because there are other explanations that help to reveal the essence of the problem of cheating. The main and the real causes of male adultery

Men change when near them “the wrong woman”(a woman who has ceased to attract them, you don’t need to win, which doesn’t look at his wife admiring and loving eyes, which are concentrated in the kitchen, kids and a job that takes care of himself, careless and sloppy in dress, which is what it was before, at the dawn of their romantic relationship.

After all, if today – she’s your wife, then yesterday you chose one of a dozen other candidates. Means something it you won, but it was yesterday). From this “not like this” wife I want to run, where eyes look, from her endless criticisms and comments, and the men flee to other brighter, more tender, more beautiful, more gentle, more wise ( most importantly!) women.

Men change for self-affirmation. Especially when in the eyes of his own wife to assert itself fails, it either suppresses or ignores. Research in the field of sexology argue that of the three situations of male infidelity, only one carries the physiological implication, the other two the situation began with banal desires men to be understood, listened to and heard, and just ended in a strange bed, but treason was not the end goal, it just happened as a consequence of reasons.

That, sometimes banal sexual frustration may be one of the reasons that will push a man to change. It is necessary to consider the physiological needs and desires in healthy men of love and tenderness. Nature is such that not getting love and affection at hand of his wife, he will go if not love, just affection — on the side of more affordable and loving ladies.

To punish her man’s refusal of access to a body ” — not very reasonable, it’s the same push him into the arms of another woman.

Crisis periods for marriage and a time of potential infidelity psychologists believe three years later the Foundation of your marriage ( stormy Mexican passions subside and begin drab family life), seven years ( all the same drab matrimony diluted with parenting and burdened by the burden of responsibility for all and for all) and seventeen ( children grew up, life passes, and aging doesn’t want, but the young lady makes you feel still young).

These years become the peaks of certain periods of life when priorities change, certain goals are achieved. Cheating is rarely random, most often it is always to become the consequence of a long chain of causes. Treason is no longer a bell, and a real bell that it is time to change something in a relationship with a partner, in views on life together.

It is like surgery without anesthesia, something will change, but right now it is very painful. But, dear men, do not in the slightest misunderstanding and to enhance self-esteem to jump into the arms of strangers. This does not exit. Male infidelity is not only pushing us. women to take a fresh look at yourself and your attitude to her husband, to his family, they make us stronger.

Remember the classic expression that “what does not kill us makes us stronger…” I think that’s about it. As for the psychological trauma of the victim of the traitor, harm from the point of view of medicine and the risk of sexually transmitted diseases – this has been said enough, and everyone knows this. But such awareness, unfortunately, does not stop unfaithful husbands.

Is there a drop of good in the glass with the poison of male infidelity? A wise woman will find. If you have changed, and you don’t want it repeated again and again – then it’s time to change.

Can’t forgive? Loosen, but do not remember it ever more, don’t crunch myself and another man be different. Can’t let go?

Forgive me then, and become that which is necessary to win, which is nice to give gifts, which is nice rush after work. To forgive is not to let go – you decide where to put the comma. But in any case, life continues for you…

Yes, my father, a most intelligent person, he cheated on my mother. My mother in law was cheating on her husband. All of my girlfriends, female relatives, visits to cheating husbands. Of course, in the psychological literature it is written that we are to materialize around us.

But why go headlong into the psychology and the world of dreams? It is an escape from reality, the error of our entire generation. Materialization lying on the couch is great, but it is necessary to do something. Yes men themselves repeatedly warned me that the animal in them much more than we women think.

You just have to look to men, to observe, and not to hope that men will act in favor of us. Principles, morality and human qualities in men. So when they change, their highly remorseful. Much has been said about it in the literature.

Read Natalia Thick, Zborovskogo, Dilu Yenikeyevs, Rose Sabitova. That is the question isn’t if there is any one man who does not change and is it worth it to look for one on the entire planet, the question is how to be with real men around us.

Recently, a single woman of 50 years told me too that I’ll meet that one, the only. She is also waiting for this. She’s an idealist, she doesn’t need a man who is cheating on her. She was lonely for a long time, but did not want to believe that change everything and that we should have in the end to build a relationship with a real man, and not wait for the Prince. She said she was lonely from time to time.

She has long been divorced. Men appear and disappear, it happens in every woman’s life. So what she needs is time and what time? What is she waiting for? The seventieth anniversary? Why do some women think that there is inevitably a wedding like a fairy tale, you just have to wait and meet the one? and it wouldn’t change in my life. Just waiting for my grey, as Assol. But in life, Alexander green was only poverty and disease, he saw only described a beautiful dream.

Of course, now and women have changed. Many women have ceased to cling to the family.Again there is no desire among men to be faithful, then the question arises – why then the woman family? After all, women are now economically and can choose to raise the child, and strong sexual needs in women not.

So who is destroying family relationships and the reason why there are fewer women willing to marry? Because statistics is that the more confident, successful and vibrant woman, the less she seek to marry. Women have such breed of men and so the Cavaliers are more than enough.

But they are running away and not given into the hands of gardecki be the claim of many men – hunters.

The circle is closed. Men always want to catch a new victim, and a family he doesn’t have enough adrenaline and among ordinary women get bored.

And then divorce, loneliness, and as a consequence of drunkenness.

So is it worth cheating to destroy the family?


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