What you need to know and abide in the critical days of Intimate health


Theme lifestyle during menstruation, especially critical days, hygiene during menstruation, etc., described many times, and in different articles all treated differently. Today in our article we will consider the most important points affecting menstruation.

The most important point for bleeding during menstruation is mandatory compliance with the rules of intimate hygiene. To wash and change my clothes, preferably as often as possible, the mandatory minimum is the

vagina morning and evening, and ideally each time you change hygiene products. To change pads or tampons need the accumulation of menstrual blood, but at least 3-4 hours. The woman herself decides what means of intimate hygiene, pads or tampons, it to use. Many gynecologists recommend alternate them. For example, on the night preference is better to give specially designed pads with “wings”, which in comparison with conventional strips are longer and wider in size. In the last days of menstruation is much more convenient to use tampons, as the woman begins to lead a more active lifestyle than in the first days of menstruation. Special rules in the selection of hygiene products does not exist, everything depends on the individual woman and the way she leads. If you still have any doubts, you can consult a doctor who can help in the selection.

Many women ask the question, can I use tampons if no sexual activity, no harm if it’s the hymen. In this case, it is necessary to know that the hymen there is a hole with a diameter of about 1.5 cm Through him and out menstrual blood. During menstruation this hole is somewhat stretched, so the introduction of the tampon does not cause any difficulties. The use of tampons on the condition of the hymen has no effect. In addition, the importance of selecting the right size swab as the swab will deliver appreciable discomfort to the girl, too small to pass the liquid and to keep smell bad. Therefore, the selection of the right size may take some time. It is best to go to the gynecologist, who wisely tells the size of a tampon that is right for you.

Tampons, like pads, vary in the number of absorbed fluid: Lites great for Teens and on days minor bleeding; Regular – for minor to moderate discharges; Super – for moderate and abundant secretions; some manufacturers produce Super plus for very profuse discharge. Large assortment of tampons you can use them the whole period of menstruation. However, frequent use of tampons is not recommended because of high risk of different kinds of infections.

When choosing tampons gynecologists recommend to pay attention to the following tips:

It is best to buy hygiene products in pharmacies, and funds need to be well-known, well-established manufacturers.

Any discomfort after the introduction of the tampon, you need to extract it and enter a new one because this one was not entered properly. It is strictly forbidden to use a tampon again.

The maximum term of a tampon in the woman’s vagina is 3-4 hours (except extreme cases). Each time you change a tampon, it is necessary to wash away the genitals and wash hands thoroughly. Of course, such a possibility is not always available, so before you change your tampon you need to at least wash hands with soap and water.

The tampons renowned manufacturers is always a floss applicator that efficiently bound and can not come off. Possible that, when using either hygienic means, the thread came off. In this case, you should try to push out the tampon by means of contractions of the abdominal muscles. If that fails, it is best as soon as possible consult a gynecologist, as long being of the tampon in the body is prohibited.

You must know that if you typed tampon sex impossible.

Recommendations on the rules of hygiene.

During the critical days are not recommended to take a bath, it is best to use a warm shower and the vagina. In addition, in this period it is best to abandon the use of the saunas, as they can cause spasm of blood vessels of the uterus, which is an unpleasant and quite painful. Also during the critical days to avoid contamination with various bacteria and infections in the vagina and complications in this regard, as well as the risk of hypothermia, it is recommended to refrain from swimming in the various lakes, rivers, sea.

Question of sport during the critical days is also relevant. Common opinion on this issue. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the woman’s body, how painful for her menstrual period. If menstruation painful, with pain in the abdomen, fatigue, feelings of weakness, of course it would be better to abandon the practice at this period, or slightly reduce the level of stress. If the menstrual period does not affect the health, is painless and does not cause any inconvenience, sports can be done in normal mode, not to change the lifestyle. However, for those women who engage in some type of sport involving heavy physical activity (wrestling), during the critical days, it is recommended to switch to lighter classes (tennis, running, etc.), because heavy exercise on the body during this period can have a negative impact on health.

The power during critical days.

Malnutrition or lack of any substance in the body during menstruation can cause pain in the abdomen and lower back, fatigue, tiredness. In this period it is necessary to eat foods rich in minerals, calcium, magnesium, fiber. It is recommended to limit the consumption of sweet, salty, excessively spicy foods. In this period it is very important that the power was balanced. During menstruation it is recommended to take vitamin complexes, which are individual for every woman will appoint a specialist gynaecologist, after asking him for advice.

Sex during menstruation.

This issue causes a lot of contradictions. However, every woman is free to decide for yourself whether it suits her or not. Experts on this issue are no medical contraindications do not Express. The exceptions are the cases of dysmenorrhea, that is, when intercourse hurts. Many couples refuse sexual relations during menstruation due to hygiene reasons. Itself allocated the blood does not contain any bacteria, but in the period of menstruation during sex may confuse the smell from the vagina and reproductive organs of women during this period are subject to the risk of entering any infections. So sex during the critical days must necessarily be using condoms. In General, the question of women and their partners decide for themselves.

During menstruation, many young girls appear on the skin small pimples or acne due to unbalanced hormones. In this case, in order to avoid any disorders in your body, you need to visit endocrinologist or dermatologist, who after examination will prescribe the drugs for external actions, which are aimed at improving the condition of the skin. The house can also be recommended to use a variety of antibacterial masks and creams, and limit intake of fatty foods.

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