How to get pleasure from sex woman

My husband and I married almost 2 years, before it men I had. Us for 23 years. I love him very much, but sex with him I get no physical pleasure . only moral because he is well with me, I can’t get rid of thoughts that he feels now? Does he like it? How do I look in this perspective? And much more: but just not what I feel .

Advise something, please.

With respect to you, Katya.

Dear Kate, the situation you describe, unfortunately, is not something unique. Many girls are not able to obtain physical satisfaction from sex with a loved one.

This does not mean that this man doesn’t fit or something is wrong. It’s just that you haven’t revealed as a sexy woman.

Disclosure of sexuality in women comes somewhat later than men, sometimes it requires effort on your part.

So, what happens with a woman who becomes sexually active? The first sexual intercourse, usually unpleasant or does not cause sexual arousal –of course, this is due to the loss of virginity. The woman does not understand that this such, and why is everyone so praise sex. Young and inexperienced, she writes off all that, maybe next will be better. On really getting better, but for some reason this long-awaited orgasm. And like the man cherished and loved, and get full satisfaction does not come out. Then, having tried all sorts of ways, a young girl begins to think: “maybe with me is something wrong?”

This is a very dangerous period, because, if not get rid of such thoughts, it is possible to stay for long in captivity erroneous beliefs. Of course, just to get rid of obsessive thoughts is impossible. To do this I lie, patience and mutual support between partners.

So what exactly can you do?

Step one. Get to know your body

Because your sexual experience is limited to one man, I think you do not know their preferences in sex. Therefore, I recommend you to experiment more . as a partner, and independently.

Well, with a partner . I think that’s understandable. You can play a game of “Find new points of pleasure on my body” — in which you caress all of the partner’s body, and he’s yours, thereby figuring out what else might be fun. Sometimes erogenous zones are located in the most unexpected places (e.g. between the fingers).

You can also play with my husband in a game of “going back”. That is, frankly after talking with loved ones, find out what could his enjoyment, and do it for him (the sexual act itself in this game is not included), and then your partner does for you something can delight you.

In addition, I suggest that you study the body independently . For this, alone, to undress and caress her body with various objects. You can hold the body with a feather or silk scarf, a piece of ice or warm water. These exercises develop the sensitivity of skin receptors, which will significantly increase the level of your sexual receptivity.

Well also, if you examine their genitals . for example, how does your clitoris on certain affection how sensitive the vagina, which caress the clitoris can bring you to orgasm (clitoral orgasm experience almost all women, think you, too).

Developing the sensitivity of your body. you will be able to achieve more arousal, which is the degree to higher satisfaction.

Step two. Get rid of internal blocks

From your letter I understood that it is the thought that feels your favorite . and as you look in his eyes, not to let you relax and start to feel your body. Worrying about what the other person feels, you, unfortunately, will not be able to feel their own feelings.

On this account we can say the following. Your husband loves you, and therefore, in the period of the intimacy he never thinks about what angle you look more effectively. Believe me, for men the view of the naked body of the woman, especially if this lovely woman is the most beautiful one in the stimulator and causes such a desire that no figure flaws (perceived or real) is not able to repay. And if this woman is not shy about his body, and openly shows the man that she considers herself beautiful, then the man completely loses his head. Because for him, as now for you, it is important that the woman felt comfortable in his arms, and was embarrassed and hid his body.

In order to get rid of wrong attitudes, you need to put a lot of effort. Can recommend this exercise . Every day, when left alone, stand in front of a large mirror, strip naked and explore her body . See how it is. Well, no matter what. And if there are real (and not imaginary) characteristics of the shape, love them. Love your body the way it is now. Love yourself, whole and completely. Because another one like you no, and never will be.

You are unique and unique and that is what your husband appreciates you and loves you. Say to yourself the words of love, speak words of love to your body, try to do it sincerely, because there is something that really deserves your admiration.

If you learn to love your body, trust your feelings, then you will not need to worry in bed about how you look, because you will know – You are beautiful always! And it will make you more receptive to the caresses of the partner and more sensual.

Step three. Train your intimate muscles

There are many exercises for developing the muscles of the vagina . Developing intimate muscles, you will be able not only to bring great pleasure to your husband, but also be able to feel the full palette of sexual pleasure. Classes in training of the muscles of the vagina (called volberding ) contribute not only to their development but also to improve nutrition and blood supply to these muscles, which significantly affects the sensitivity of nerve endings. And this in turn leads to the fact that a woman begins to experience more vivid feelings during sex . the frequency of achieving orgasm significantly increases.

There are many methods for the development of intimate muscles. If necessary, you will be able to find them in the Internet. But still I want to give an example of a few exercises . which are very effective and, once you master them, you can significantly improve your sensation during sexual intercourse.

To get started visit the sex shop and buy yourself the so-called vaginal balls (you can buy an egg for volberding ). They are in any sex shop and are inexpensive.

Before the exercises should be well washed out and disinfected vaginal balls (to wash with soap in hot water and wipe clean with hydrogen peroxide).

Exercise 1.

Enter the ball into the vagina. Try to feel it (unfortunately it’s not so easy to do, because the inner wall of the vagina is not very sensitive). Further to the free end of the suspended load (you can use a plastic bottle with water) weighing 200 g. Slowly let go of the bottle and tensing of the vaginal muscles, trying to hold her as long as possible. When you get, the bottle slowly begin to rock, trying to keep the ball out of the vagina. After some time you will be able to keep the muscles increasing the load. Limit look for yourself, but the weight should be no more than 2 kg.

Exercise 2.

When you master the first exercise (and it may take a few months), move on to more complex. This is pushing the ball inside the vagina (some muscles and under no load) up, down.

I have to say that in order to be able to feel the ball inside and, say, pick it up, you need to combine the efforts of the muscles of the vagina and your thoughts. Because the work of these intimate muscles depends on your concentration.

And most importantly, know that self-development is necessary in the complex . Not only to examine the body, intimate conduct training, but also to work on their psychological characteristics. Because, as I see, the main cause of lack of orgasm in your life – psychological. Not all changes happen overnight, but persistence and regularity will certainly make you a sexy goddess.

And remember, Kate, that you are beautiful, divine creation! Love yourself and your loved ones and be happy!


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