Immediately or a long time

As for how to seduce a girl – is increasingly coming to the conclusion that fast it is a reality and it is not necessary to wait for the second mating. Try to do everything else first. Too slowly, your task is to begin to touch her when she will be waiting for and want. Then the thought of sex You have at the same time. For this purpose, in the beginning of the meeting you want to identify your clear interest in her body, but not reduce it to an absurdity. Quite a few like random touching in colontino area, hold your fingers on the shoulders next to the chest, hold it by the waist slightly slipped to her ass, priobresti shoulders, lightly stroking the neck and

head. More explicit stuff IMHO you need to start after the formation of the trust. Namely, a half-hour or an hour. It is important to wrest it from her own break away and take her for a few hours. And everything will be OK.

Here is such a sequence often leads to Vastu:

1 – to Meet on energy unusual behavior using the game looks, intriguing pause, confident neverball, easy to kinesthetic, dominant male gestures are bold and direct speech.

2 – to Get her to change the script break away for the next couple of hours. The girl need to first move Dating – no matter where she went after you, i.e. recognized leader in you.

3 – it is not enough to lead to the right place – we need to continue communicating with her body language touching. To touch it you also need to understand more about her. To build bridges and to understand how it at you is.

4 – Pass a woman’s test. If you did everything correctly then the test will be approximately such:

– persistence (resistance)

– on male dominance and self-confidence (will challenge you, direct hard look eye-to-eye contact, words, actions)

If you can get past that and get a delicious candy. And don’t be afraid sometimes to apply what was written by Ovid a couple of thousand years ago in his book “Science of love”:

Let it not given you from neausa take.

If you will fight and if you say, “Worthless!” –

Know this: that is not theirs, and your wants victory in the fight.

What prevented you achieve the desired fullness?

Shame? No shame – unless your grayness.

If she, though, could suffer, and left untouched,

Then under the Jolly secret face feels sadness.

5 – Proceed to the kisses and caresses right on the spot where you ended. When a girl is Horny she will let You know that you are ready to follow where you can be alone.

Long courtship (how to seduce a girl).

Actually – fast seduction is not the only way to get a girl into bed. Many girls prefer to marinate the man longer.

The main thing is not to make the mistake that men often make. Namely, too much steamed about the girl BEFORE her would be in bed. IMHO, until she was with you in bed – she doesn’t deserve to be on it too much thought, drew too much attention and spending too many resources.

There is just a group of special methods by which to conduct a long siege female bed without resorting to large expenditures of time, energy, nerves and money. Of course about this at the training.

Just remember that while You did not sleep with her – it is for You to no – one in a million. This of course goes in the opposite direction to women’s fantasies about delaying candy-floral period in the relationship and the Dynamo game. That is why the time works for You (it gets used to you, and you didn’t take her seriously) and against it (you are a ” drain on its resources of time, nerves and thoughts).

An overview of various techniques – how to seduce a girl

very briefly the methods which can be taken women:

1 – persistence and patience

2 – arrogance and sexuality

3 – beauty

4 – money and status

5 – romance

Everything else is a variation, I think these basic. Because I write about NATURAL INSTINCTIVE and RELIABLE methods, time-tested! Method to take by force or by power – miss – since it’s NOT a seduction)

1. – ANY man can simply due to the fact that would persistently call and achieve women sooner or later will break her resistance and get her. She can’t resist the friendly persistence, the one who never forgets her. Women are impressed when a man nesmotrya that he has no chance continues to achieve it. She concedes such a patient man and gives herself to him. As this evolutionary proven mechanism to give himself into the hands of a TRUSTED male. And who approves itself more reliable than the one who seeks long? She believes that the more I made, the more reliable.

2. – arrogance and sexuality is a group of methods, how to seduce a girl, from the fastow. And generally the area of specialization of a pickup truck. Then take the woman unceremoniously. Strong bright vpechatleniem. Impriting. This cuts into the memory and the woman’s sleeping with him, because he understands that this sex and the man will be memorable a love connection. Adventure. Love adventure, which women, too, wants.

3. The beauty here is clear – the perfect male, from where you want to have offspring. Either women are for beauty – the thing is too instinctive.

4. – Money. It turns out the woman can simply offer money. ANY woman. And they most likely will not be offended at this fact, but only that amount in their opinion may be not big enough. Yes what to speak, even inexperienced girl sometimes quite able to throw a hint that she would like to sell, if you will appoint its respective representations of the price. Not necessarily in hard currency. Can the gift. Not productise one that would be sold more expensive. Status is more like “the smell of money and a comfortable life”, which is itself excites women in the majority.

5. – The romance. Even hookers – beautiful love romantic stories. It’s like the last refuge for the soul. Lines of a poem come to mind: “the darkness of the low truths dearer to me than – uplifting us – deception”. Here and ready to be deceived if nicely fooled. That’s what I call romance.

If it is to fake feelings. Generally women love romantic mountain-top experiences. Remember tearful melodramas, novels, and films such as “Titanic”, the same “Phantom of the Opera, “Notre Dame De Paris”, etc.

It is because women in most so romantic, and so respond well to romance, because in normal life gradually become more down-to-earth and corrupt. Well, in short novels, movies, series, etc. take on the role of hromitovogo of those feelings that find no place in reality.

Also one of the ancient methods which were once described Ovid –

The role of a lover slad, words reveal their wounds

The trick find any – just believe it.

That’s easy: because each thinks that the love she stands;

Even that bad, believe in your beauty.

Take women that have and do not worry. If you have money go and buy them and don’t worry the truck. The main thing is to learn how money to offer. ANY, not just the sales woman. And then there will be problems to get out of this relationship. And don’t think you’re fucking some wrong women. Most even normal women ARE.

If you’re ready to treat a woman endlessly, too, be happy and don’t worry the truck. You also do not need to Fig. If you want to light one, you don’t need to take other women. You go ahead and take this persistence.

If you’re attractive and can emphasize it as a sport and clothing, also there is no need to bathe. Pickup is also only an addition. The main thing – to go wherever the spinning women and sit among them with sad-romantic guy – not looking at anyone. They will begin to come on. Know yourself, choose those who you all and hold up as long as possible even with the one that you like more to appreciate.

Pickup only for those who appreciate quick victories and strong new sensations of the woman you chose and to hill. Actually, to seduce a woman using the expertise of the seducer and charm – this specific fruit compote, which is not on every table. Someone better thing to do: work, Hobbies, sports, etc.

This sober view of things. You need someone that will pay for the training – how to seduce a girl. Who wouldn’t want to – he will pay directly to the girl, stylist, fashion store, car dealer or plastic surgeon. And also will not regret it.

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