How to bring a girl to orgasm


MA> don’t know how the local audience can here to help with advice. MA> In General, it is. The woman in 22 years doesn’t know what an orgasm. MA> Despite all my efforts. Interested, are there any MA> methods, techniques, etc. to enhance its sensitivity in this MA>? Were there cases when it was possible thus to reach MA> positive results? In General, please share your experience. If MA> someone has such


DB> Do girls do Blowjob?

And women, too.

DB> And then somehow the girlfriend is uncomfortable to ask. )

Comfortable, convenient. At the same time and will end may practical test.

DB> Another question, how to excite a girl (just like her to light)

How to bring a girl to orgasm? v 1.1 dated 09/06/96g.

Okay, let’s go little by little.

Means for obtaining an orgasm, a woman needs (who would have thought?!) to get excited. And – to act. Hands below the belt, do not climb, for the chest grab. First.

Source believe that the girl to have sex is. I especially recommend to deal with clean girl – and nicer to kiss her, and her easy, she’s clean. Many on this complex. If I go way back, you can just snuggle up to her standing member, she will love it. You can tell her that you are going to do in detail. Hot whisper in your ear, kissing his neck and act as described.

I recommend to stay at kissing the neck and ears, and the pose as quickly as possible to change the recumbent is more comfortable. Don’t blame her immediately, if in doubt as to what she wants. Now a piece of ready faq on kissing, for a good man wrote, but also in the echo, I think, he will not mind:

* * * Be sure to kiss her neck, ears. Earlobes lightly suck, to bite, but not much. Tongue caress the tab on the inside, the tip of his penetrate into the hole, gently breathe into your ear, very good words to whisper, the name of the lady, then again the transition to the lips, hands caressing the neck, ears, lips again neck – you see that she is already excited, starting to kiss her neck harder, hiding his teeth behind his lips, nibble here so her neck, ears it is already possible to chew the teeth, but gently, do not forget about the whispers, and caresses the tip of his tongue. Sometimes on the nape of sensitive area, but I’ve met a couple of times. Try, can and will be. Tenderly stroking her fingers at first, then harder. Yet – his chest press down her Breasts – they y them sensitive to pressure. Hands don’t grab – let him so excited that she asked or clearly show. To pull my hips to you – let him. But don’t hurry up, pressed, and press her himself stronger and nothing more. Keep kissing, keep your mouth shut about the lips, switch completely to the neck(!) and ears, respiration is stronger, hotter, but the beast itself does not lead. It’s still early. 😉 That’s when the lady starts to cling stronger and stronger, the hands can be placed on the chest, and ass. Depending on what she pressed harder.

Now: Chest – be sure to find out if she likes her affection. If not – don’t even think about it. Be careful with your nipples, squeezing Breasts greatly at first, but if you ask, or he can see that she is nice. Breast stroke counterclockwise with your fingers, don’t need the whole palm to miss. Start from the edges of the breast with your fingers and making a semicircle transition to nipple – stroking a nipple with his fingertips, then how would miss nipples inside the extended fingers, and the movement took her nipples.

So, all this time, do not forget about kissing ears, words. There is one little thing – her leg closer to her pull up, push between her legs and press down to pussy, clamping force of the she will tell you herself. Hy himself a member of squeeze, as her arousal stronger and stronger, you can simulate driving at the act.

But back to the breast. Now you can clasp her hand, as if picking up from the bottom, the thumb and index finger stroking the nipple (gently). Further affection already stronger (I assume all she likes it) can be highly snug and compress the chest.

Kissing his chest. Tongue licking nipple from the bottom up, suck him, the entire breast in his mouth don’t try to take, it is enough of the nipple and surrounding area. The back of the tongue in a circular motion around the nipple, then the tip of my tongue the tip of the nipple tease – let the lady sees that, on the face try to portray the fun (suks it all and boredom. ( )

Other breast caress arm, long on one breast don’t be long, between grudge also very nice to them, when you’re kissing. Licking movements of the tongue, suction kisses – not much. Clavicle, shoulder – sucking kissing, biting teeth hidden behind his lips, which may not be hidden, if the lady nicely painful. Just don’t get carried away.

If you’re shoulders stroking movement of medium strength, easy on the contrary it will soothe.

Buttocks. In the middle on both sides, there are two sensitive spots, kissing, tickling the tongue. Hands squeeze your ass with medium and strong affection, fingers, hand, but not rudely – traces remain and the lady of pain. Don’t be shy to ask, why is she groaned – it may well be that you’re too cruel.

Back and legs I not take not met ladies, y which these sensitive places. Let this be a task for self-study

Inner thighs – light caresses, fingers would run over the skin, caressing the hairs (they have, there is light fluff, first try only to stroke), then the hand movements from the knee and above, but do not rush to touch “it”, even if she asks. Kiss strong movements, tongue licking deeply, then back to the ears and kiss them, showing the strongest excitation, a member pressed as soon as you can, in your ears breathe hot, hot, show his desire.

In principle, can be inserted, the girl needs to be prepared. But it’s not top grade, evil work.

Well now go again lightly on his chest, patting down movements on my back to my ass, much (not rude, say it again – all the whacks!) squeeze them, pressing my dick to pussy I. nothing. The lady needs to breathe, hug you and show you what he wants. And let. I will be interrupted until. Fingers again move to the inner thighs and at the end of its upward movement touch the labia. (Damn, the word me right!) Touch it where the vagina, a little finger inside.

Your lips are again y ears, cock pressed against her and no longer hiding, completely moving as if fucking her. Finger making the move up to the Clit, and rode along down again, fingers moving through her lips. So a few times, then middle finger on her Clit and touch it. Circular motion, clockwise. Hy, in fact, it is possible to orgasm to bring without the assistance of a member.

Back down again, ending his palm stroking the clitoris, the fingers penetrate inside, stroking her in a circle, then deeper again, a little finger y sign, circle, thumbs up to the clitoris, and stroked down, and deep inside, again.

After a minute-another thing she can cum. Here is such a moment – you’re not finished, right? She is uncomfortable, that is good to use to ask her to do something she had not wanted or could not. Tell her how you were nice to stroke, and then ask what you want.

Okay, then about it, have already got. If you knew what it really boring, my God.

DB>. and how to understand what she was excited (well, 2nd I’m thinking easier. )

Yeah. There is the same clear sign as y men. Grease is secreted. The big boys say that the bigger it is, the more excited. But this is not always true.

DB> And what is the impact on the potency of frequent sex.

On the potency of frequent sex affects very much.

DB> (and what ‘frequent’).

E. In our concept, at least once a day. On vyhodnim – additives.

DB> And why when I make love with a girl, she cums?

From the precincts of any number of reasons can depends. From my mother at the door, to your ineptitude.

Causes of male adultery
Today we gain the courage to talk about what is considered to gloss over, do not say out loud, and if they say something in a whisper and with a bit of venom and negativity…


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