A guide for girls encountered with rollers

A small remark for those skaters that have adopted written on your account and offended. Of course not all of the rollers such as the author describes. Only the most enthusiastic and the most crazy (in the physical sense of the word). Usually it is those who are aggressive riding on the rollers. So if you don’t recognize yourself or your boyfriend in written. can rejoice. well, or upset. how do you like 🙂

As scouts

Of course, this is not happening in all cases, a thousand times we just went to walk somewhere and without commercials, but… it still can happen to you!

If he offers to go somewhere you’ve never been, in his mind may be another reason for this trip. This may be a ploy roller scout. Once you get there, you can “accidentally” stumble upon who you skaters, and they all skate. It may happen that you simply will go by car to the city, and WAH! “Honey, look at these purely/faces, let me make a couple of tricks and we’ll be on. A couple of tricks could turn into 15, which is an hour in temporal terms. The most fun in all of this is that when you tell him “can we go?”, he starts to say that you stayed there for only ten minutes. In addition, there is the likelihood that after riding it will find themselves covered in sweat and blood, and have to go home, to go to the shower and change… well, you will just want to walk up to the bar and drink a couple of glasses of strong. At this point you will understand that this is a separate page of fate girl roller.

“Let’s go”

If you hear the phrase “I’m hungry, let’s go get something to eat” or “let’s Go home, I’m exhausted”, while they ride, or are in the skate Park or watching rollerski video at someone’s house, you don’t have to break up. Such phrases indicate only that he had a fleeting thought flew from his mind almost as quickly as it had appeared. Until the moment that you in reality go, it will take about an hour. Because his friends will say, “come on, just one trick”, “let’s prewalker this part of the film”, or “but this video didn’t you see”.

Earlier, when he spoke, I was usually Packed up in 3 minutes and another half hour looked at him in disbelief, while he continued to watch a video, or to do different tricks in the Park. Now, when I hear this phrase, I smile, nod, sit and say… “When you’re ready – tell”.

The smell

Rollers bring with them very specific smell. You will have to get used to it, as it will not leave… EVER! The smell stays in the car, the house, all the places visited by the roller. Deodorant can help in some cases, but sometimes it only makes it worse.

The bad thing is that you can get used to the smell, and to stop feeling it, unlike your friends who are visiting you, you will ask, why is there a rat had died.

It’s not much of a problem if you live in places with temperate climates, like we have in Colorado, but if you live somewhere where it’s hot and humidity is high, such as in Florida or South Carolina, I can’t vouch for you.

One time when we lived in Florida with my sister, and when they sold the house, gave me a large canister of air freshener. At my quizzical look, he said, “Well, we didn’t know how to tell you this, but your room was always a special flavor…”. Maybe it was because of the commercials, it might be because sneakers, but not the essence, he was there.

Names of tricks

Of course, he will try to teach you the names of tricks. Don’t try to remember everything, because it really is too much for you. He will try explain it as you stand on the steps, railing, or using toy men. I admit, you get used to the name of many tricks, but if you learn to understand what it is about, rejoice – you made me. What is frontside, backside, alley-oop I understand, but most of what they say, to my ears anyway, that Portuguese.

Know your hospital

You may come in handy knowing the shortest path to the nearest hospital. You will certainly have to take someone there, not once. One day we came to visit our friend from Florida and they went to ride, but soon after my roller came home with the words “come with us to the hospital.” It took us a while to understand where she is, and when we got there, we still had to wait. In General, when it came to the point, a broken ankle had swollen to an incredible size and stuck inside the roller. How to take out? Cutting roller? Yes Fig. Better and more fun if the three of retard strength pulled the video from swollen legs screaming in pain roller.

In any case, you should still be worried about health insurance that you do not have to do anything that goes beyond ordinary first aid. By this I mean attempts at suturing wounds with dental floss or production of plaster bandages from the tape, though, and they can all be repaired 🙂

In reality, they go to the doctor just in case, if something is broken, broken, hanging from the body flaps and dangles.


Always be prepared that at any time of the day and night in the house will break any number of people. Even if you actually had no idea that someone will come, people will be more than it was, and that, as always, filled up to your home. Don’t worry, they will be very respectful to you, and you will not be touched. Most likely, they won’t even notice that you even live here, so they fixate on all that is connected with the rollers! In this case, if you don’t cook, of course. Just tell yourself in advance, do you like to watch the gangway watch the video, because they, of course, will have to browse the entire collection of your roller. Or do I just go in the other room.

So guests will not need a lot: something to drink, and a place to sit, like sex. Oh and towels, in case they want to wash (ha ha ha, who are we kidding?)

I remember one time we lived in a townhouse less resembled a ghetto, and there was a time when we constantly hung out with 12 people. They slept in the hallways, under desks, and if we where hung the hammock, there are also sure someone would be so disconnected. I didn’t really care, because in the afternoon I was at work that night drunk as a skunk.

Fortunately, later we moved into a normal house. In one weekend we have left seven people, the other four. In our new house had three bedrooms, two living rooms and three sofas, all of which from time to time engaged friends. I place it liked more. because if I could avoid having be viewed the same video clip thirteen times.

Size matters

Remember when we were all young and just grew up, all the boys wanted to be taller? Usually, just so you won’t find a guy who says, “How nice it would be if I was a bit low”. For some skaters it is not. Some skaters want to be shorter. This is, in fact, probably the only time anyone wants to be less. But then again, you may have conversely, when the rollers with low growth mad because they can’t jump onto the pipe, or face. I’ve seen a lot of epic tantrums because of this.

Many of them want foot size was also smaller. The reasons for this are two. They want their feet were smaller, first, because they believe that the smaller rollers look more stylish, and secondly, obviously, in stores more parts of small sizes. It is easy to understand that I’m not really a roller, because I think the rollers would be more convenient, after all, and on the sides, as I think they would keep better… but how would I know?


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